Week 8.1 | Cycling to Strasbourg, Italian home cooked food

Sonntag, 19 April 2015

It is week 8 already!!! That means I've been here for almost 2 months now. I can't believe it's already that long. I should have make a habit of writing my blog at night after my day because I tend to forget things and all the feelings just subside. Ah, I'll work on that. 

So, I was invited by Harsha for a cycling trip with Svenja. And again, I find myself in Strasbourg but this time, with my antique bicycle! It was a really nice experience and I never thought I could cycle around in another country that easily. Offenburg is very near to the borders between Germany and France, so it is definitely possible but I just never thought of doing it. Well, even if I know I can, I wouldn't be cycling alone as I don't know where is where. HAHAHA.

Cycling through a really beautiful resident area in Kehl

Originally it was suppose to be five of us but then Prem and Ashish missed the train, so... "and then there were three". Svenja, our Hochschule IBC program coordinator was the tour guide of the day! She used to live in Strasbourg when she was still studying, so naturally, getting lost is impossible. Hahaha.
The bridge to France!
They have like 3 bridges (the ones that I know that exists. One for trains, another for cars, and this one for walkers & bicyclers), connecting Kehl to Strasbourg and they are currently building another one for a tram connection. 

Love locks on the bridge
I've actually noticed a trend of couples printing or engraving their names on padlocks and lock them up on a bridge and even viewpoint towers (found this when I went hiking). Huh, and I thought people only do that in Korea.

Crossed the bridge, and we're in Strasbourg. 

Parc de l'Orangerie
First, we cycled to one of the parks there and chill for awhile. We did a little picnic there and just enjoyed the view while nomming down mangos and clementines. The mangos they sell here are so sweeeeeeet, I love 'em but Harsha said that the mangos in India are better and much sweeter. Well, I guess I'll have to find out in the future if I have the chance to!

Passed by The European Parliament
Harsha, Svenja and the European Human Rights Court. Hahahaha
The tram along this road is so beautiful
I bet the people who lives there are so used to the view and think nothing of it but for us, we're like so awestrucked. Hahaha.

The Parliament at another angle
I've heard that they hold plenary sittings in Brussels and Strasbourg. And for every month, all 751 committees have to be in Strasbourg for a few days. I don't know how they manage but I just know it's a really long arse journey to travel back and forth every month.

Cath├ędrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg
And this particular street was just packed with people.
Look at that gothic architecture... dayum...

but it was all empty in a nearby plaza. waaaaaaat?
Then, we decided to climb the Cathedral for a nice view of the whole city. We paid a small fee for it and being a student is so advantageous. Discounts everywhere. Never leave your student card at home I tell ya.


Yes, these are the stairs we used to climb up and down. Yes, it's tiny and if you're claustrophobic or acrophobic... well, it's not going to get easy for you. It a good exercise though! I didn't notice how many steps we have taken but the way down was longer than the way up. 
According to lonely planet (as I am a bit skeptic of Wikipedia), it seems like we've climbed 400 flights of stairs. So in total, 800? 

After burning some calories with stairs-climbing, it's time for some inputs! 

One of the local cuisine in Strasbourg is the tarte flambee/flammkuchen. I ordered the classic one which is served with bacon bits, onion, and sour cream. Lovely. And perfect for snack time!

While Harsha had a vegetarian flambee (and also his first experience with goat cheese) and Svenja ordered a sweet flambee with apples. 

And also, ice cream.... I shouldn't have bought that. Hahaha. 

We also walked in Petite France! It felt like I was walking into some old streets in a French movie or something. I wish we had more time there so that I can slowly soak all the sceneries there. I was kind of shy to ask them to stop so that I can take pictures. So, I didn't but I'm taking pictures mentally in my mind. Hahaha. 

Time to go back!
I'll come back again to buy some postcards!

Right after my train ride back to Offenburg, I'm off to Luca's place for dinner. Luca and his friend, Alessandro (not sure if I spelled it correctly) were the cooks of the day!

This is REALLY good.
Was introduced to the existence of pizza rustica which is so so so darn good!

Salmon and pea penne
A very simple pasta dish which is surprisingly good. Home cooked dishes are the best. Thanks again Alessandro & Luca for the wonderful meal! 

Group picture time!
We easily spent a few hours talking and laughing. Somehow our conversations lead us to Japanese pranks on Youtube and also a video of cute cartoons killing each other. Random, yes. 
Oh, I was lucky that I didn't cycle back home alone because there was no streetlamps on the way back home and there's like 1% visibility! If it was daytime, the road is actually very beautiful (decorated with greeneries and you can even see a castle there) but when night falls... it just felt like I'm taking the road of death. Hah hah hah.. hah... Ah well.


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