Week 5 | His Birthday


This year, I'm not celebrating his birthday with him. *Super sad and frowning face* But I'm glad he was celebrating it well with his family and friends, and also my family... without me... which is weird, because I'm not there. I'm not even on a video call with them when that happened. Why? I have no idea. Hah!

My mum, uncle, grandma, aunty, bro, and Ah Pek Soonen is also there. Hahaha.
And how lucky, my mum even baked a cake for him! I don't think I've ever had my mum bake a cake for my birthday. HAHAHA. Omg, jelly.  

Sorry, I'm not much of an affection show-er in public. I prefer them to be private matter between us because it's much more special that way. If you're expecting something mushy or some long lovey dovey speech, I'm sorry to disappoint you. Hahaha.


Well, nothing much is happening these few days I guess. It's just a lot of staying at home and a lot of Heroes. I finished watching all the episodes in one month, wow, how lifeless am I? Hahaha! BUT... it's holiday next week and......

I did it, I bought flight tickets to Rome on a wimp and I'm flying there tomorrow. I'm really doing this. Rome. My dream city. Since I was a little girl, I always wanted to go to Rome because I think it is a really beautiful place to be. I can't believe I'm making my dream come true! I will be there for 6 days and it will be my first time couch-surfing too! Arturo is so very kind and he is hosting me for my whole trip which is just awesome. I mean how often would a person offers a stranger into their house and let them stay over the night there? Well, I won't lie, I'm a bit afraid too because he is so warm and friendly, I'm not sure how to respond some times. Malaysian mentality is still in my head. I'm just not used to Italian hospitality *nervous laugh* but anyway, I hope everything will work out fine and I will try my best to be a great guest. I'm scared but excited at the same time! I will be travelling alone therefore my mixed feeling.

Okay, I need to sleep. I have to catch an early train tomorrow and then I will need to catch a flight. I will update the rest of my blog once I'm back with a lot of pictures of my dream city!

Ciao for now!

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