Week 6 & 7 | Cut my hair

There's nothing much going on in my 6th and 7th week here. Well, not after coming back from Rome. I just cooped up in my room to filter, edit my pictures and blog about my trip. And also a lot of TV and movies too. 

I have also cut my hair. Have been thinking about cutting it for awhile because my long hair kept getting tangled and it's getting on my nerves. I've no problem in cutting my bangs but never tried cutting the back part. I always thought it's necessary to ask somebody else to cut it for me but now... I think I can manage by myself too if I want it short. Though it doesn't look perfect but oh well. Never try never know aye? I've actually cut it twice. I prefer the first attempt but those hair are gone now. *sobs*

I took a 3-day seminar for Managing people in Project last week. It was very interesting. Although most of the materials and content are... pretty obvious and common sense but it's difficult to apply in real life. The most important thing is to listen and understand but hell, it's the most difficult thing to do. I've also learned the sandwich technique and also the 3-to-1 approach for giving feedback. First of all, you need to highlight the positive points and slot in one "constructive criticism" in the middle, and end with another one or two positive points. Apparently, people respond better with this method because there are more positive things to focus on instead of the negative ones. I've also learnt that people are easily tempted with giving out their opinions instead of listening to others. Subconsciously, we try to instill our own beliefs into another person by asking a direct question instead of a raw and general one. For example, instead of asking "What do you think about that?", we ask "Do you think that is bad for you?". Get it? It's so hard to explain in words for me. Truth to be told, it's a damn challenge to change our way of saying and asking things.

I also got my shirt for Badische Meile happening next two week. I hope I can finish it because I've not been training for my run. I need to train, real bad. *cries*

And I'm doing something I love again. I left my crochet kit at home because I don't want to tempt myself in buying yarns so that I can save money. Well, you know what? I regret I did that. I shouldn't stop myself from doing the things I like. And now, I have these pretty yarns sitting on my desk because I'm doing something to be used in my group project with the girls from my Film Montage class. Yeah, I would not have guessed I'll be using my crochet skills in this class, so go figure! 
Sigh, money is always the issue. Well, it's actually not if we don't want them to be. In the end, it all boils down to what we belief and think.

I cooked carbonara the other day! I don't really cook pasta back at home because I thought it is a complicated thing to cook. But in reality, it's actually pretty easy to make a dish out of pasta, I'm the one who is making things difficult. I've been doing it the wrong way too. Thanks to Italian influence, I'm learning to cook them again! I'm actually very surprised by how easy and fast it is to make my dinner nowadays. 

I used to cook my spaghetti for half an hour and for a long time, I really thought that's the minimum time needed for them but no, I'm so wrong. Carbonara is so easy to make , and there's so many names for the other kind of sauce but I don't remember. My main point is though, I'm beginning to love them and currently I'm experimenting on other type of ways to eat them. Hahaha. I'm crazy for them at this moment. 

Okay, I'm mostly blabbering in this post today but heck, whatever. I'm done for today. I need rest and plenty of rest. Need to unscramble my brain too for something, I've been putting them off for a long time.

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