Week 7.2 | Masters & Waffles!

Donnerstag, 16 April 2015
(Something from week 7, but who is keeping track? That's right. No one. Except me.)

A class picture with Mr Edvin/Edwin from Physological Aspects of Consulting Seminar

Say hello to my coursemates from the IBC programme! Which I am not really taking part mostly but only taking a few of the seminars they offer. Despite being in Germany and so, I'm grateful they have English classes for the Master program. The other students knew each other well so I'm like the new kid on the block but despite that, they didn't shy away from me. They are super friendly, and they quickly took me in and naturally we became friends (in a few hours, hahaha). 


Samstag, 18 April 2015


I've missed Kebab night because I was stuck in the campus for an assignment discussion and the next day, Alvaro and Marta invited me and Berit for pancakes. It's been awhile since I have had them but after that meal, I was so hooked. Ever since that day, I constantly have this craving for pancakes at any time of the day. I think about pancakes even when I'm super full. And I even made pancakes at home last few days just to satisfy my craving. Hahaha. Damn, the devil. How come yummy food are almost always unhealthy and make us fat? 
You know what? I went so crazy that I begin to search out pancakes recipe in Pinterest. HAHAHA. And look what I found...

Look at it and tell me... Do you see heaven now? 
The pictures itself made me had a foodgasm. 
Hopefully, I've done the same thing Alvaro the chef did to me, that is to ruin your diet. *Evil laugh* And now I think I'll go make some for myself and serve it with honey and butter. That's how I like it. Simple and absolutely scrumptious.  

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