Week 8.2 | Freiburg Again! Schlossberg und Mundenhof

Donnerstag, 23 April 2015
I am a bad student. Well... somewhat I guess? How do you even define a bad student anyway? For me, when I mean bad student, I meant I have a history of bad truancy and still does. In my opinion, I don't have to attend classes which I deemed boring and of course when I can't even focus or understand what the lecturer is talking about. Yes, that happened on that day in my Benchmarking seminar. I was half an hour late for class and I went back home during the first break time. 
Anyway, I guess it's no use forcing something you don't like on yourself unless you don't have a choice. But in this case, I do have a choice. A choice to do something else that interest me more. 

As I'm a reckless person, I quickly came up with a plan for my day time. That is to go explore Freiburg once again. I'm making full use of my student monthly train card. Did a short research and decided to hike to Schlossberg and visit a mini Zoo called Mundenhof. I also wanted to visit one of the lakes but I didn't have enough time for that. 

They have a lot of benches around the hiking area, which is really cool. I wish I bought some food there as I think it is a really nice place for picnics. 

Somehow, reminds me of Mockingbird

A few hundred steps to the peak. A good place for cardio exercise too.

The Schlossberg Tower

And another hundred flights of stairs to take to get to the top of the tower. It's a little scary and exhilarating at the same time. The tower was a bit shaky and it was quite windy up there but it was worth the climb. 

As the view was simply amazing.
It's not really a long climb, 30 mins max I guess. They have walkways and stairs so it's a lot easier than walking on dirt.
Next, to the zoo! Took the tram and walked for 30 mins till I reach the zoo. It was pretty far away from the city centre. Oh and there was no admission fee, so it's a free zoo! Actually it looked more like a farm but still, pretty interesting.


They also have a small aquarium there. 

And I learnt that peacocks can climb trees.... and they are very loud. And they are very friendly with the meerkats. And also they roam freely in the zoo. They don't have a cage for them. 

And I found Timon and friends!!! THEY ARE SO CUTEEEEEE!!

Time to go back home

Even though I arrived 30 mins earlier than my train ride home, I missed the train. I didn't notice they have changed train tracks as I was relying on the information on my phone rather than the announcement displayed on the tracks. When I realized it, I was 1 second too late. I ran to the correct track but when I want to get in, the train departed in front of my eyes. Then, I waited two more hours for the next train home.

Since I have more time, I decided to have my dinner there. At first, I wanted to go to the cafes but most of them are closed early (closed at 6.30pm) and it was 8.30pm. Since I have a craving for japanese food, I found myself sitting in a random Japanese restaurant. It was one of the worst Japanese meal I've ever eaten. *Cries* I felt cheated. I don't think the chefs and the lady boss are even Japanese. They just look Asian but definitely not Japanese because they were speaking anything but Japanese. Well, I shouldn't expect much really, should have just gone to a German or Italian restaurant. 

Ah well, at least my craving for salmon sashimi is gone now. Gone with the wind.

I also met a very weird guy in the train station, and almost missed my train again because I don't want to be rude by getting up and ran off while he was talking to me. Then I realize, I'm not being rude, I'm just going home. LOL. Kinda spooks me out because he was talking about some sensitive issues concerning the EU and I think it's inappropriate to speak about them publicly too. I'll give you some words that briefly described what he was talking about (I don't want to get into any trouble).

Turkey. Genocide. World War III. Killing. Bombs. Christians. Refugees. Human Rights.

I am not ready for any conversation like this as I've been born into a remotely peaceful country (even though we have our ups and downs) and I'm not really good with the European history too. I dare not say I know what's happening here at this moment (I should have read more news) but this man just freaks me out because he was predicting there will be another World War coming soon. WTF. Then he offered me some bread.....

Who in the right mind would accept food from this man who talks about wars with a stranger.

Luckily, the 10.25pm train came. I was kind of afraid that it might get canceled because of the "German train drivers on strike in Berlin" news. I hopped on in and felt glad because I'm finally going back home.

You know, I'm trying so hard to not say something about some annoying things that happened to me that day but it is so tempting. Hahahaha! I guess this is my first step to training my EQ. That is, not to talk about it! (Although I don't think the event with the weird guy is something I should omit, as it is not a small matter. I'm not angry about it, just intrigued. Well, I did get a bit angry because he sounded like someone who doesn't respect other ppl's religion) Even though, I'm constantly thinking about it but then I realize it isn't very healthy. It's so easy for people to concentrate on the bad things rather than the good ones... I should stop talking.

This is the end of Week 8 post. Tomorrow I'll be hiking the Black Forest with the other international students and some of the members from the Senior Service! Will blog about them for Week 9 post! Till then 

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