[SA] 3 Common Fashion Mistakes

If you know me, you know I don't try to dress myself up normally and I'm always in my "shorts and tee". It's like my default template. I do try for special occasions or when I'm going out for a date. I don't try to be an expert but I definitely need to point out these common mistakes that people make on the street because you won't see me making them even though I'm not very fashionable.  

Fashion is always changing and people, we need to learn to adapt to them! Some times, some of us tends to get a little overboard though and makes mistakes but of course, we don't realize it. We are humans, it's not a sin to make mistakes but we need to learn from it.

Fashion Mistake #1 - Showing too much skin.

Some women may want to attempt that sexy look but often do it the wrong way. The key here is to dress appropriately yet stylish in the most modest way you can. I think girls nowadays get the wrong idea from American TV shows that portray "less skins" dress up is the norm... but it's not. It just make people look at you more when you're crossing the street and it's not the good kind of looking. Make sure you are not exposing areas which may dismiss that sexy aura you want to others to see (eg. too much cleavage or too much butt-cleavage. That badonkadonk). Showing too much skin may get you attention but surely not positive. Remember, less is more.

Fashion Mistake #2 - That Muffin-top!

The next fashion mistakes women have experience throughout the days is wearing tight tops. This situation is okay if you are skinny as a model but for the ladies who have ‘love handles’ should steer clear of it. It cannot be denied that a lot of women has this problem and choosing the right outfit is a must. This is because tight clothes will expose your flesh overflow and it is not a great sight to see. Plus, it's not good for your body either, because you are basically choking your own body! I always have this problem when I'm out shopping, I always choose the pants which expose my extra flappy parts, it's so unflattering. Some times I even buy them off the shelves because I want to make it my motivation to slim down. So, the pants are still there in my wardrobe, never once I wore it out. LOL. 
Instead of beating yourself up, the best way a woman can look gorgeous is by wearing a loose cut tee or blouse and avoid that chunky waist showing. Besides that, women can also avoid the problem by wearing high waist pants to balance your figure. Best trick ever. 
Now, it's the time to take that belly dancing class I always wanted to try.

Fashion Mistake #3 - The Walking Accessories Hanger

The third common mistake women make is over accessorizing their outfits with too many bling. It is true that jewelries do perk up an outfit for a more dazzling appearance but wearing too much can jeopardize the whole thing. Go simple with a few piece to match your outfit and walk out feeling amazing everywhere you go. And again, less is more. Don't turn yourself into a walking hanger, it's difficult to watch a person walking around with that much things on their neck and arms. 

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