Feb 2015 ft. Gathering, V-Day, Chinese New Year

Thesis submission is done! And all I can tell you is my sloth mode is turned on right after the submission of my FYP things. And since I have not updated for quite a long time, this whole post is dedicated to my February.

Finally tried Upstairs Cafe for the first time. Even though the place was pretty near to my house, I didn't know it exist until I was messing around with Foursquare because I'm bored at home. Plus I need a place to hang out with my friends. It has good reviews and ratings, and that is what made me interested. And after having a taste of their pasta, well, the ratings don't lie. The carbonara is really really good, it has the perfect portion for me and it's cheap! 
It's the perfect combination for an Asian cheapskate. Hahaha! But seriously though, you guys have to try it if you haven't. 

It's really nice to have a gathering now and them. Even though we don't hang out with each other a lot during our degree (since we're from different Faculty and majors), we did some how get along really well even until now. Heck, we've actually known each other for 5 years already! Time really flies. And every time we hang, we ended up talking something ridiculous or doing something ridiculous (like that impromptu KK Trip) and offering relationship advices. Them feels. Hahaha

As for Valentine day, since we're too lazy to be romantic in our own ways (what a few-years-relationship can do to you), we decided to go out and have a fancy dinner with the other couples which are out too for a fancy dinner too. 

The ceiling caught my attention when I put down phone with the camera on. Maybe I should do this to my future room too, with paints and stuff. 

We went to El Cerdo (thanks Aleena for introducing the place to me) and we had the Valentine special menu since it's the only thing that we can take during the 14th of February. 

This was awesome. I like evrything on this plate

The soup was really good too

But the main course was a let down. It was basically tasteless and on mine, the meat was very grainy

and you know I love them strawberries... STRAWBERRIESSSSSS


And the next day of Valentine, we went to IOI City Mall for District 21. We didn't take any pictures in there since both of our belongings were locked in. The place was pretty cool and we got in for RM55 per person, I think it was a promo price that day or something. Usually it cost RM60+, not sure when it ends though. The place was kinda cool and we spent like 2-3 hours in there climbing and being Batman and acting out Mission Impossible and shit.. There's trampolines too, which made me nauseous. I always wanted to try a trampoline but dang, it hurts because I'm very uncoordinated. 

Well, and I think once was enough for a life time. Thank you.

And now, fast forwarding to Chinese New Year. 

Visiting my god children is a must of course. 

Doing what I like to do when I was younger, that is watching my friends playing basketball but not participating. lol

Baby Shun is here in Malaysia too this year! He grows up so fast and still very cute!

A reunion dinner with dad and the family on Chinese New Year's eve

With my brother, his girlfriend and our "Ah gu". lol

Visited Ann's house too and met up with Aleena and Sherlyn. :D

And of course our yearly CNY dinner with mum's side relatives (with out silly poses pictures)

Well, not much photos of my relatives but only a few. We didn't really have that tradition where we take a photo of everyone because we have a big number there, so it's kind of impossible. But it's kind of sad too. I think we should try taking one next year.

and Lion Dance at my "Lao Gou" house! And the best part was being able to play and see the kids. :D They are simply too adorable!!!

I feel kind of bad for the kids inside the lion though. Because one of the old man keep touching one of the lion's butt... which is actually a guy's butt in reality. Wow, this was very different for me because when I was younger, the adults coaxed me to pet the lion because it is said to bring fortune to me but I actually believe the lion was real and never thought the inside of the costume are humans. LOL. So much has change since then. Man, it sucks to grow up. 

And at the end of the lion dance, Shun, Lin and Yun decided to help with the cleaning.. while the adults watched them and were just enjoying the view of this cuteness overload scene. If all the kids were like this every single day of our life, well, life would be really good. Hahaha! Parenting done right!

Also had a steamboat day with the girls. It was a really nice gathering, and it was full with laughter. I had a really great time. I think we should do this every year, and make it a tradition. It's like we are able to see our friends grow up and transition into adulthood with us. And also it's not everyday we get to see each other anymore since we all have our own lives. But it's pretty cool to just meet up and catch up with everyone. :)

But of course, with the boyfriend since I was leaving Malaysia quite soon, so I had to... :(

Lou sang with le uni friends too slash farewell dinner for me I guess. 

I'm too lazy to write more and to do proofreading, I'll just leave it here. I'm tired, I need sleep and everything is just moving so fast for me here. I need rest. I have a lot of things to share though. But I don't think I have the time to write much these few days. I'll try though. Since I'm quite excited to share my experience here. Even though it is the third day here, I feel like many things had happened and it felt like more time than 3 days. Look forward to my next post okay!

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