Week 3.2 | Rambling through Hohes Horn

Saturday, 15 March 2015

We had a pretty great weather last week. It was sunny everyday! After experiencing the wind and rain, this is kind of a surprise but I'm thankful for sunny days. That means more outdoor days! And no-umbrella-slapping-me-in-the-face days.

After hearing about Hohe/Hohes Horn Tower, I've decided to hike there! They say it's a great viewing point. I followed this route I found on the Offenburg website. I'm not brave enough to just take whatever path I see yet. It was my first time hiking alone so it was very exciting (and some what scary). It's not a bad thing to wander off alone. The best thing is that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. You don't need to explain what you're doing, and just do it. It's just so much more simpler too and it feels like a soul searching journey(?)..... I sound like a hippie.  

I abandoned my bicycle, put on my running shoes, and off I go! I don't really have the right gear to hike, but it's not like I have any other choice so.. Anything goes! Thankfully, most of the paths are easy to walk on.

Walking to Fessenbach

A whole lot of grape farm (I don't know what it's called, but I know they are grapes. It's only the beginning of Spring right now, so..). 

I took quite a number of pictures in the wood. I know the pictures may seem repetitive but I think all of them look amazing. Therefore, I'm gonna just upload all of them. I've also put a lot of filter on the pictures, I just feel that they make the pictures look better. God bless creator of Photoscape.

The Fountain of Youth!

Took a sip of it and I even bottled up some back home. My boyfriend even suggested me to wash my face there and use the water to cook rice at home. Hahaha!

Finally, reach the viewing point!

I'm the King of the World!!!!!!!!!!

I've also heard that we can see Strasbourg, a city from France, from Hohes Horn if it wasn't so hazy. 

And of course, a selfie

And yes, it was a challenge, taking pictures of myself. In case you're wondering. But I did it anyway and I'm glad I did because I don't have much pictures of myself.

This is just a random scene I encounter during my walk and I just thought it was really... really... um... I don't know how to put it in words. Majestic? Beautiful? My vocabulary is very limited. Sorry. 

And it also reminds me of this scene.... I joke. I joke.

Which path would you take?

I nearly slip and fell while taking this picture. Lol. Anything for a good picture.
The Hexenstein. I don't know what this boulder means but I wish I did. Unfortunately, I haven't mastered German so.. maybe next time, if I can read the description.

And after 4 and a half hours, I'm finally out of the mountains and into Zell­-Weierbach. Greeted by another wonderful scene. 

Even though I was only 2km away from my home, I was too lazy, tired and hungry. The worst combination in the world. Lol. I didn't have any proper lunch and I only had a handful of grapes. So, I decided to take the bus home. It costs me EUR2,20, which I think is kind of expensive. If I knew earlier, I would have insisted on walking back home. Hahaha! 

The route I took on that day.

Cafe Grun
I went to the cafe near where I'm staying to get some nom noms. 

But I ended up ordering a chocolate cake because everything looks very unfamiliar to me except for this one. Should have ordered the rhubarb cake, since I don't know how it taste like.

I invited Berit, Marta and Alvaro for dinner that night too and I wanted to share some of the Chinese cuisine but my cooking skills are very limited and I always cook something non-Chinese at home. Haha! So, this was kind of a challenge for me. 

I felt like I was on a quest when I went out to buy some missing ingredients. I needed spring onions and it was such a difficult task to find them! I never had problem buying them in Malaysia. I mean, it's everywhere. But here, I had to go to a few shops to find it. We always use spring onions in most of the cooking at home, so it is a must.

Luckily, there's luncheon meat here. So I made fried rice with it. You can never go wrong with fried rice because you can put anything in it! I also made steamed pork, cola chicken and stir-fry broccoli with carrots. And yes, the pork here is different from Malaysia. The ones here had... a very strong smell which I'm not really used to.

And that's it for the pictures. All of us forgot to take picture of our dinner including me because we were so engrossed in our conversation. Nevermind, I'll be sure to take many of it the next time!

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