Week 3.1 | Freiburg Trip

Just a random picture of us in Schoellmanns, a rooftop cafe in town.
Okay, that's not a picture from my Freiburg trip, but I just wanna put it into my blog. :D

I split up my week 3 post into a few parts just so I wouldn't cramp all the pictures in one whole post because I have PLENTY of them. And to load just that one blog post for everything would be hell. So, please don't be surprised if I ended up posting 3 blog posts in a day. :D

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Last Saturday, we went to Freiburg with the other international students and also the tutors. I think it's really cool because the train tickets were free. I love free stuffs. I'm still figuring out how the train tickets works because they have so many kind and there's some that you can buy so you can travel with a group and you can get a cheaper deal. I've only bought a one-way ticket before, and it's for the long-distance train from Frankfurt to Offenburg and it costed me EUR60+, that's a hell of a price. Oh, and I heard that there's a special ticket/24-hour pass to travel to & in Strasbourg. Gonna be planning for our own next trip soon!

Oh, and that day, it was just epic. Because Marta & Álvaro had to drag a broken bicycle to the train station to return it to the owner and they nearly missed the train. Berit and I were so anxious but they arrived just in time! Like, if they were even 1 second late, the train would leave without them! It was just an incredible sight.

I think it took us around 45mins to reach Freiburg train station. We were greeted by our tour guide who was one of the Master students from the local university in Freiburg. And lucky for us, it's in English. 

I brought my camera with me for the trip but forgetful me forgot to charge the battery before I went to the excursion. So, my effort was in vain. All the pictures that I took are taken with my trusty iPhone. I think my Handy is wonky again because the battery drains pretty fast and it shuts itself down when it still have 30% of juice and when I charge it, the number jumps around. My cable is a problem too and I think it is the main culprit of making my phone battery going all crazy and stuff. My Handy isn't very old though! Please don't die on me. I need youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. *talking to myself*.


Theater Freiburg, the heart of the city

Me, Alvaro, Luca and Berit!

I don't know what building this is... Sorry

But it never hurts to take a picture with it! XD

Students just chilling by the stairs and slowly judging you, yes you, all of you who are passing by.

A tree with eyes.

The Martinstor ft. McDonald's gate

The street of Freiburg city centre

I love this picture, the real life setting is just perfect. :D

And that's us, the english speaking group!

The Schwabentor, under-construction version
Constructions everywhere.

We were both taking a picture of each other and paying no heed to our tour guide. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~

Selfie with the hipster looking guy. LOL. This picture has gained so much popularity and I think I'm posting it for the third time. HAHAHA!

Almost got hit by one of this because I didn't know how the honk sounds like. Luckily Amanda pulled me out of danger.

The Freiburg Bächle
There's also this funny thing that the tour guide told us. If one step into the canal, he or she is bound to marry someone from Freiburg and that won't be the last time he or she is going to be in Freiburg! Some superstition. Haha. 

Some awesome parents making their children happy.

I wanna pop some bubbles too!!

On our way to the Freiburger Münster

And here's a short clip I took when I was walking towards the cathedral. Live performance everywhere! And it just feels like you're in some movie with super awesome instrumental soundtracks. 

There is also this daily farmer market happening every day from morning until mid-day except Sunday (Oh, that reminds me). 
More info here!
Fact #1
In Germany, most of the shops are closed on Sundays! NOPE, not even shopping malls, not even the pharmacy, and no, no markets. Some restaurants are open but only for a limited amount of time. So, it's always smart to buy something on Saturday so you don't starve!

Some minor construction going on here too.

The awe-mazing sculptures of the entrance. 

You should always look up to spot amazing views. Rule of thumb, 360 degree yo.

Sorry, I can't help it. Pictures pictures pictures!

The underground tomb for the bishops.

I think almost everyone who goes to Freiburg surely will visit the cathedral. I think it was worth a visit too because the artwork is just so very amazing. I've already visited a few church since I arrived here and I can say that they really put a lot of thought and hard work towards the church design and all that. Everything just feels so majestic. Proven via the pictures above. 

After all that walking, finally it's time for lunch! I was super hungry and kind of cranky too actually. We were told that there's this famous Stefans käsekuchen in the Marketplatz too and of course, we did not miss the chance to try them. When we found the stall, there was already a long line forming but the purchase was really quick so we didn't wait too long. It only cost us EUR8,00+ for the whole cake and it is really good. Even after we divided it into 6 portion, it is still kinda big for some of us. It's cheesecake after all. 

I was hoping to eat at the Markhalle too but the place was filled with people and a lot of food! But we didn't because it was just too hard to find a place to sit for the 4 of us. 

Pizza portion was HUGE! And I had them as dinner as well. Haha

We went to a Italian restaurant called Ristorante Pizzeria Roma in the end. It was kind of funny because Luca (from Italy) was with us and they were all laughing at the fact that we brought an Italian to eat pasta and pizza in Germany. 

Freiburg was a very lively city but there's nothing much to see in the city centre. Or we simply had too little time to wander by ourselves because we had to meet at the train station at around 4pm. I can see that it's a perfect place for shopping though. It's just full with shops and shops. There's quite a number of restaurants and cafe too. I also did some google research and found out that there are ski area, hiking area, and also a zoo! Omgosh, I wanna go to so many places right now.

Oh, and there was this quite funny sight. Since I am an Asian and all, we do have this tendency to categorize Asian food into different type of cuisines. For example, Thai, Viet, Chinese, and etc. To me, all of them have very different taste. But here, I saw a few stores that has "Thai-Viet-Chine" title and I bet it means a mixture of them all?? It's just so funny and I wonder how they all taste like because all three of them are just so different for me. Maybe next time, I'll get to try them. 

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