Puffy 3 Tones Hazel Lens Review

Hi guys! Today I'm going to review about this one lens that I think is worth reviewing. I've actually threw the lens out for quite a long while now. I've dragged this post long enough even though it's not a very long post. 

Puffy 3 Tones Hazel
Dia: 14.5
Base Curve: 8.6
Water Content: 38%
One year disposable (but not recommended)
I threw the lens 3 months after opening it just for hygienic reasons.

This is how the lens actually looked like. 

First of all, I really like how comfortable these lens are on my eyes. I wore them for a whole day, and it was really good. I didn't experience much dryness even after wearing them past 8 hours. I mean yes, it is still dry but not to the verge of being very uncomfortable. Definitely on my to-buy-again-list!

Even though the lens is 14.5mm, I think it gives a really huge difference to my eyes. The enlargement is very obvious. I wonder if it's really 14.5mm, it felt like 15mm/16mm though. Just wondering, not a fact!

Here are some selcas of me when I'm wearing the lens. Please indulge in them in the mean time. Lol. 

The contact lenses I bought are from Vivifashion. I'm not sponsored or anything. I bought the lens myself and these are my genuine reviews. Thanks for reading!

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