Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Trip | Part II

Day 3 | Mekong Delta + Vinh Trang Pagoda Full Day Tour 

Decided to join another join another tour package since the Cu Chi Tunnel one is quite nice plus there's nothing else to do. There's also a few other package and also those that requires you to spend a night or two at some other place. I would like to try spending the night at somewhere else but of course, we didn't have much time to do that. So, a full day tour package it is. I think I can go to HCMC again even after this trip.

Look at ma neck.. LOOK AT IT, it's so defiiinnnnnneeeeee...

Scenery along the bus trip

I think the journey took around one hour and a half, but we're not even there yet. We stopped by Vinh Trang Pagoda. We didn't even know this was in the trip aye. We thought we were stopping there for a quick toilet stop. Saw tons of China women dressed so.... flowery and stuff. I felt under-dressed for some reason, it's ridiculous. The place was really beautiful though.

Hello Laughing Buddha!

Selfie with Sleeping Buddha

Back to the bus to continue our journey to Mekong Delta! 
Everyone in the bus was actually waiting for us because we were the last one to arrive back to the bus. X6

"Sheesh, so sunny"

Required to cruise around on the "mini boat bus".

When we arrived at some island there, we were greeted by two friendly dogs and they accompanied us to our seats. It time for lunch!

Walk around the orchard island
Another boat ride to another island to try on sampan ride!

Just our luck, it was raining half-way through. Time to take out my handy dandy rain cloak. Only I and some other tourist were wearing it. These two were too cool to be wearing them I guess. *cough cough*


Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! We're gonna be riding while it's still raining!

Uncle yawning because this sampan stuff is just so overrated for him

After the ride, we were brought to some place where we could see the locals making candies from coconut and also tried some honey drinks. Then, we sat down to watch some live singing performance by the locals while enjoying some local grown fruits that was served. And that concludes the trip.

After we're back, we went to try this restaurant since we saw it in some blog. Unfortunately the food is just so-so. So, I won't comment much about it.

And we chilled again at Highland Coffees

Day 4 | Free and Easy Food Hunt + Beautiful Buildings

Our second last day there. We decided to go full out on eating the recommended stuff there. Ah Lok brought a very tourist-y book which is very useful since it has a map of the whole city. Only one thing was off, the book only recommends restaurants and food places which is more "higher class" and not much on street foods. We went hunting for just two shops which was highly recommended by the book but we thought both of the shops were a waste of time, money, and stomach spaces. Okay, no more trusting the book, we'll just trust our taste-buds and the internet instead.

First disappointment was the Banh Mi store that was recommended. Didn't take any picture of it, but it was directly opposite this scene. It was a bit tad more expensive than the street banh mis and also it wasn't really that nice. It made us walked quite far too and also it's was friggin sunny!

image Pho 2000

Second disappointment.... Just... Don't... Okay. Not worth it. Doesn't taste good. Waste of money. The one we ate on the first day was 100000x better than this place.

*Start walking off to a lot of places.*

The Post Office is just too awesome. Must Visit!

I think it was a holiday that day because there was waaaaaay too many locals on the streets and just chilling around the park. Luckily there's many tall trees that was acting as shades. Else, you're gonna see me frying an egg on my head.

After all the walking around, we decided to just go back and shower first and chill until dinner. 

A very hard to capture scene. You don't know what is traffic if you have never been to Ho Chi Minh. Trust me. You. Just. Don't. Motorcyclist was monopolizing the whole streets! 

FOOD HUNT!! (Street version)
I will only let the pictures talk and I have to tell you this first. I do not know what these are called but I will show you the picture of which stall we were at and also the food they sell. Most of them are all very yummy and delicious! 

Some fish cake salad I guess, quite nice!

If you're craving for some broken rice, this is it but the food is kind of cold and hard. 

Ultra love this! The BBQ was superb!

image Chè Mỹ 2

One of the very popular dessert shop in HCMC. A must visit place too!

Che Kuc Bach was just okay.

Must order the signature drink "Che My"! Super dell-y~~!!

Day 5 | Time to say Goodbye!

Since we're going back quite soon, we decided to just eat nearby. We only notice there was quite a lot of food along the guesthouse street. LOL. Okay, what? Fail. 

Don't really know what this is but it was so spicy. 

And that was it. Yes, I know. The ending is very abrupt. Deal with it. I'm not very good at endings anyway. So yeah. Thank you for reading though! For those who are planning to go to HCMC, one advice: 

Just go with the flow. If you're there for the food, ask for recommendation from your guesthouse. The locals know more than you. I recommend to eat the street foods because those are the ones that are really delicious and more local. Plus, they are almost always much cheaper too. If you see a lot of locals buying from that particular shop, you will automatically know that, the food is good.
Be super careful of pickpockets and don't trust anyone too much. They'll only use friendliness against you. So, always be careful, no matter how nice the person you're dealing with is. 
So yeah, I think that's just it. 

And again, if you want to see more of the pictures from our trip. Please check out Ah Lok's Gallery!
Ah Lok's Photo Gallery on Dropbox

*No proofreading done, so this blog post may contains typo and grammatical error. Don't even know how come some of the fonts are bigger, I tried putting them to default, but it doesn't change anything. Just ignore them. Thanks*

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