Week 18 & 19 | Last weekend in Offenburg


I feel like I'm having a writer's block right now, even though I'm not really writing anything serious out here. Maybe I had too much sugar in my blood these few days, I ate too much homemade desserts. *barf in guilt*. 

After a few months of dont-care-what's-my-face-is-like, I picked up the hobby of playing with make-up again. I believe I'm not the only one that does this once in awhile. Right ladies? Make-up is fun. It is like an art drawn on the face. Plus I had some of the make-up for years, and I feel bad for not using them and then throwing them away (when they expire). One way to waste them in a good way I guess. 
I always have this problem with "panda eye-bag" after a few hours of application (mascara or eyeliner), hate that. Argh. That is why I prefer putting on BB cream and eyebrow pencil only. I read that the solution to this is to put some powder on the under eye area and also on the eyelashes too. It didn't work that well for me (when it's warm), because my face gets oily easily. *Sad face*. 

Finally got me a walk to the next town and see the "famous" castle hotel in Ortenburg. I have thought of seeing it close up since the first month. It was a pretty long walk but I needed it actually. Greens really helps give people a peace of mind.  

My housemates planned a farewell slash early Ramadan celebration on a Saturday night. Sevda was the main cook, and I the assistant. Haha. We had soup, rice (which was really really good, gonna write the recipe down below here), grilled chicken, arugula salad (awesome too! and again, gotten the recipe from Sevda), and kadaif (yummy Albanian dessert). I should have taken a picture of everything after we finished cooking it. Sadly, I only have these really bad pictures taken in the dark. 

Fragrant Rice Recipeimage

*I'm not exactly sure what the name is, or if it has any specific names*
Basmati rice (rinsed and drained)
Olive oil
Crushed flaxseed
A pinch of salt
Dried herbs (any kind that you like or without too)

  1. Heat olive oil. Fry flaxseed and rice until a little brown. 
  2. Add in raisins, salt and herbs. Mix it up. 
  3. Add water (ratio of 2:1, as in 2 cups of water to 1 cup of rice), boil and cook for 15-20 minutes (or depending on what type of rice you're using). 
There's actually a lot of way of doing this. Like using cumin and turmeric powder, butter instead of olive oil, add onion and garlic, etc. 

Arugula, Walnut & Apple Salad Recipeimage

*I'm not exactly sure what the name is, or if it has any specific names*
Chopped apples
Crushed walnuts
Balsamic vinegar
Olive oil
  1. This is easy. I don't think I need to explain how to do it. Just mix everything together.

It is summer season and Offenburg is so happening with festivals and concerts on the weekends. Last Sunday, I went to my first piano duet concert performed by two famous Catalonian piano couple (famous in Europe). I really like watching people playing the piano and it is also on my "bucket list" to learn to play it. Unfortunately, the view we got that day, didn't permit us to see anything much but anyway, the main point was music. So, it's good. 
One of the music piece which caught my attention was La Valse by Ravel (piano duet piece) but I really like the orchestra version too. When I first heard of it, it is kind of intense and chaotic but then gradually you'll hear some really pretty melody floating around. It's like finding beauty amidst chaos. Abstract. I know. You have to listen to it to understand what I'm saying. Haha. I've embedded some videos below. The first one is the four-hands piano piece, and the second an orchestral arrangement (not sure if I'm using the term correctly). Enjoy!


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