Week 20 | Let the "trip" begin

It's officially my last week in Offenburg! I received some farewell gifts from my friends and housemate. Thank you you-guys-know-who-you-are! I've even received a blond hair dye kit as a gift but unfortunately, I'm back to black. Ain't no way I'm going back to blonde. Hahaha! Appreciate the thought though (and it's funny).  

I will miss you guys!
Spending my (second) last night in Offenburg with the usual gang. You know, this is kind of embarrassing. I actually thought I was leaving on Thursday but my train was on Friday. I don't know why I kept thinking Thursday and in the end, I told everyone the wrong information. LOL. It doesn't really matter actually. But oh well. I even had a mini heart attack when my mum was asking what the hell I'm talking about when I wish them "have a safe flight". *Smack forehead* Aye, I think I got too excited there. 
But anyway, I had a great 4 months with the friends I made in the Hochschule. Hope we will meet again in the future! Wherever it is! Good luck to everyone in their future undertakings!

Discovered the olden days water pump in Zell-Weierbach. And yes, it is still usable. 
I went to hike the nearby hill again, this time with Sevda. It's too bad we didn't reach the "water station" though because I took us to the wrong entrance with was quite far away from it. Sigh, I'm gonna miss the grape vines and sceneries. 

I guess this is really it. I can't believe this is happening so fast. I guess this is life. Time to start another chapter in my life... Well, I hope the next month will be a hell of a trip for us. Vacation first, serious stuffs later. Reality is going to slap me in the face soon. Very soon. But for now, I'm going to use my time right now to the fullest! 

Till we meet again!

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