1/9/15 | Back in Malaysia

Ticket back

Hi and hello my rusty blog. It feels like I haven't write in since forever. If you think I'm going to post all my pictures from my Europe trip to show off then you are correct but not now. Not in this post. Let me make you feel envious soon but not today. 
During my trip, I did encounter some problem and I became a victim of crime while in France. If you are like me with the "Oh-it-wont-happened-to-me" attitude, well, you're so wrong. They strike when you don't expect them to. Long story short, make sure your bag is with you all the time and make sure you eye them even when you are taking a break or resting... especially in crowded areas. If you think it won't happen because there's too many people, then you are wrong again. In the end, I learnt my lesson but I had to trade in my passport, IC, driving license, debit cards, laptop, my 21st-birthday necklace gift from my mother, polaroid camera, my make-up (my new bb cream that costed me a lot), my toiletries (also some new stuff that I bought), my time, my trip to Barcelona and a few hundred Euros for burnt train tickets and also to buy new ones. Yeap.... .... ... well, you can never be too careful.

To a more happier subject, FOOD! Malay cuisine, Arab, Mamak food, Korean, homemade petai sambal (holy...), Chinese, Japanese and fusions. You name it. Can't get enough of it since I landed back to my home country. Well, mostly what I did for the past few weeks are mostly me going out with friends/family and ate a lot. A lot of catch-up sessions to attend to. Oh, and also it took me a few days to re-do my important cards and all. Also a lot of time spent searching for jobs and playing DoTa 2. Yes, you heard me. Even though I did despise the game before, mostly because of the gamer etiquette. Just trying a new game and I enjoyed it... because I always play with bot allies and enemies. *erhem*

MMU finance division has a ticketing system now, wow, shocker
Yes, I am truly surprised by the new systematic working environment in MMU. Even though I did queue for the finance counter without a ticket. I ended up queuing again because I need a ticket. Okay, stupid move. But fellow junior students in MMU, why is there a queuing line even when you have a number? You guys should just sit down so you won't make me make a fool of myself okay. Gosh, nerds.

Doing my part for the society. It has been exactly one year since my last donation. I did try a few times (trying to donate that is) but my iron level is always too low. I even dragged my brother with me and it was his first time donating blood. I am such a good role model. 

Got back to my hometown to visit my besties and my god-children too. I can't believe how big they are right now! Soon, it will be Aiden's first birthday in Octoberrrrr.

Just a random picture of something that looks familiar
I have never noticed this shop in Sunway because well, firstly I don't always visit Asian Avenue. Even if I did, I don't think I'll notice this shop. But after having visited Belgium, this looks curious. Don't know if the fries are on par with the real deal. Especially when it is operated by.. hmm.. Will try it another day.

Visiting one of the libraries in Singapore
Then, I traveled to Singapore by bus alone which was a first. It's been a long time since I've visited Singapore. Planning to work here so currently finding opportunities to do so.
I never knew they have this strong education or studying culture here. Or maybe it's exam period. I don't know. All I know is, it's so hard to find a place to sit in the library. The only reason I was there is because my bf's house doesn't have any internet connection so I need to go to the library to have access to it. Okay, I was there to study too. What, you ask? Studied about the company that I was going to have an interview in. It feels kind of stressful though since I am not used to it. I remembered the guy sitting next to me who were studying really hard, sighing while reading a set of photocopied paper and blasting out metal rocks songs on his earphone and that was quite audible.
On a side note, I even saw students studying in McDonalds, on the MRT and stuff. Heck, I even saw people studying really hard while having a family dinner as well (yes, I did experienced this while having a dinner with my bf's relatives, it was few years back). Is this the life of a normal Singaporean student these days?

A complimentary selfie of my "being-interviewed" look. 
Starting the next phase of my life. Well, going to start anyway. Choosing my career path. It's really not easy to find a job position that actually suits me because I am not really sure which path I should take either. Everything is so... specific. If you know what I mean. Even if I find something that I really want to do, that doesn't mean that the company wants you to be in that position. Huh... I'm scared of interviews actually, it's nerve-wrecking.

Geylang Lor 9 frog leg porridge. Don't go there. It's yucky.
Were supposed to eat at another frog porridge restaurants which was a few streets before this one. Sadly, it was closed and was under renovation. So, we tried this Geylang Lor 9. Apparently, it is quite popular (on the internet). However, my verdict is this, it's not something that I want to eat again. Same to the Fried Oyster. I like really fragrant food and this is not fragrant. Even my companions agreed with me on this point and said the other shop is much better. I guess that will have to wait for another time.

Food hunt in Singapore
The hunt never ends. Haha. I've always heard people say that the food they served here are very bad (and to their defense, "when comparing with Malaysia's food"). On the contrary, I think some of them are quite good, even the ones that are served at the food-court. Mostly thanks to Darren & Swiz (bf's colleges) for bringing us to makan-makan. It's been awhile since I did a food review, maybe I can consider doing that again. 

For now, I'll note down the food and the place that I think is noteworthy. 
  • Hainanese Curry Rice at Tiong Bahru Market Food Centre is not bad. Had the crunchiest pork skin. We went for lunch too late (like around 3pm) so there's not much dishes to choose. 
  • Chwee Kueh from Jian Bo Shui Kueh (also at the market). It's famous but personally I don't really like chwee kueh, plus it's very oily.
  • Ikan bakar, seafood (lala and stuffs) and chicken wings at Chomp Chomp Food Centre.
  • Mee Sua and tau fu fah at Yong He Eating House. I really liked the mee sua but be careful of the amount of garlic they put on it. I stirred it all in and the garlic just overwhelmed everything. I even ate the you tiao with the mee sua. Weirdly, they tasted good together. 
  • Soya bean drink and pudding at Rochor Beancurd House. Love it. Soya bean is better than the ones at Yong He. 
Hanging around at Garden by the Bay
Yes, it is still accessible even it is after 11pm and the fake alien trees looks really... well... more alien-ish. I think that's a good word to describe it. Lol. They do look pretty.

Spent our Sunday skating at East Cost Park. Rented a pair of skates (including socks) for 2 hours and it costed $13 per person. We even had a short skating class. It's not much but it's good for beginners like us. At least we learnt how to properly fall, skate and break. This is my second time rollerblading. Fell for quite a number of times, and I always fall without the correct technique. Lol, my arse still hurts at the moment.

It's gonna be my convocation this weekend! Honestly it felt a bit unrealistic. After all those studying for I can say at least 18 years, it's time to celebrate it and start the next chapter. I just want to stay home all the time, cook, crochet, play games, and blog. I sound like a miserable twat. Hahaha. I quite regret that I didn't write "housewife" as my ambition when I was 7 years old. It sounds so appealing right now.


  1. noted these addresses gonna check them out if i were to visit sg again!
    and im so sorry that you lost so many important things in france thats really scary :-(

    1. Hopefully you'll like the food! Hehe. And thanks.. It sure is very unexpected. ><