13/9/15 | Convocation, meet-ups, and some very random stuff

The diamond-shaped hat (idk what it's called in formal English) has been bestowed upon me! 

Finally, I have graduated from my degree. Five years. It took FIVE years! 

My three course-mates from Computer Engineering: Zi Yik, Yik Shu and Josh.
Can't survive through my 3 major years without them. 

I was kind of surprised because I never thought that MMU would make the convocation as such a grand event! Kudos to the animation and video makers, it really looks super legit! Like really cool. Don't know how to describe it anymore. LOL. Went up there to enjoy my short 3-second walk of fame. I call that the "graduation-walk". I feel sorry for the Chancellor though, he looked so old and I felt pitiful for him because he had to stand up most of the time to hand out the scrolls to all few hundreds or more than a thousand students a day. 

Feb 2010 batch reunited! 
Well, of course not everyone is there lah. These are the close ones and I've known them since I enter the university. Even though some of us has taken another path along the way but we still can remain as good friends. Hope to see ya'all next year again for another round of convocation or yumcha session! 

Sorry, no big speech from me! Just that I'm glad that my life happened and thank you for my parents and friends that has led me to this life. May all of you be blessed with all the good things in the world. 

Another surprise meet-up with the ex-VibeHero bloggers! I can't believe it has been almost two years since our last foodie/blogger. Although I guess I'm kind of an odd duck out in the group. LOL. 

And of course a long awaited meet-up with Aleena. Had dinner at one of our favorite banana leaf place in Bangsar. Yeap, you've guessed it! Sri Nirwana Maju. Sorry dear, even though I promised to visit you in Penang, I didn't manage to do that. We'll see how after I've settled down first. Hahaha. 

My new PADI licence
I had to order a new license since I've lost mine. I can't believe I need to pay 50AUD for this. Gosh, that will teach me not to misplace my PADI card ever again (even though my last one was in my stolen bag). But anyway, luckily I can get the limited version whale edition. It's so pretttaayyy.

New BB Cream
and yes, new BB cream as well. I ordered mine from Hermo since they had a promotion set going on. Skin79 was my first official BB cream that I have used in my life. I've never used the same brand since 2010. I thought I could give it another try but it was kind of tricky finding it because there is no physical Skin79 shop in Malaysia (that I know of). So, I had to buy it online. So far so good, but I have to say, Dr G's Pore BB cream and The Face Shop new BB cushion is great too. (I was helping my friend testing them in Sunway the other day)
I also bought Innisfree's mineral powder, this will be my 3rd purchase! Fav powder of all times but it's cheaper to buy it at Sunway than in Hermo. Well, of course, there's only 1 Innisfree shop in Malaysia for now.

It's been such a loooooooooooooooooooong time since the last time I bought CLEO magazine. Actually, the correct term is "any" magazine. I've only downloaded Vivi and Mina magazine scans online. I used to buy CLEO every month a few years back but stopped for a long time. Not sure what got into me, but I bought it the other day on impulse. Turns out, I didn't like the content at all. First of all, the fashion sense is so bad.. The fashion is just too over and not suitable for daily wear (especially in a tropical country like Malaysia), the models are all Caucasians. What? Cannot find local models?? Almost all the pages are filled with pictures of random products (which I think most of them are very costly). Ads much?? And the written content? I didn't bother continuing after reading just one paragraph, somehow I feel like a bimbo when reading them. Sorry but not to make a bad name out of Cleo but I guess it's not my thing anymore. Goodbye once again. No wonder I stopped buying it.

Random picture from Cat's show in Sunway Convention Centre
I'm a big fan of cats! Always wanted to get one but I ain't living at my own place so that's that. The above images are some cheap ways to entertain your cats I guess. I never thought that they could be toys. 

Okay, abrupt end for weird and short post. Just wanna update what is going on in my life. Ciao!

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