21/9/15 | Trust me, I am an Engineer... who crochets

Finally I have done it.

random granny squares as strap

Yes, I have had my ukulele for a few years now and it has always been kept inside the original box that came with it, which is actually a not very nice one. My uke was a birthday gift from my boyfriend for my 20th birthday (year 2012). I have always wanted to buy a case for him (him as in my ukulele), but always failed to do so because 1) the cases that I found are usually ugly, like the simple black flimsy case, and 2) they are f*cking expensive. After waiting for 3 years, I decided to bestow upon him a cozy home. I know the color combination is a little weird and doesn't match at all, but I have a lot of yarns that I don't really use in my amigurumi projects (plus they are the higher quality ones). 
I never realized that I have quite a collection of yarns at home. I actually have a blanket project that I haven't finished yet therefore I have a few more chunks of big thick yarn balls. It's taking me forever and it is a knitted blanket prokect. Self-explanatory as to why it is taking me forever to finish. I think crocheting is definitely faster than knitting, but that's just me. 

Anyway, regarding this blog post title. Yes, I am officially a bona fide engineer.. in title. Although I haven't really work as one yet. So, this is me trying to tell everyone I have finally found a job in Singapore. I'll be starting work soon this month end as a software engineer. I hope I will do well in my work. I won't give too much details as I don't want any stalkers to wait for me in front of my workplace. 

Well, yeah.. this is a very short post. I feel like I haven't have much time lately. Things has been progressing so fast. I still have a lot of things I want to do but it seems like it's pretty hard for me to continue on. But I hope I will continue to do what I like the most and not let a "job" interfere with what I want. Even if it will take a longer time for me to achieve it but at least it is better than not doing it. Here's to the dreamers.

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