22-Jan-16 | Dec & Jan updates. Yes, I have been very busy

Was hat passiert?
  • Christmas celebrations 
  • Mum's birthday 
  • Solstice Night
  • Sipadan Dive trip (in another post) 
  • First visit to Universal Studios Singapore
  • University mates meet up and we're all working already. OMG
  • Macritchie Reservoir Treetop walk
  • Eating habits
  • What
I feel like I have so much things to write that I can barely write much content for each entry... If that made sense.

1/2 Christmas Celebration
Sorry, unintentionally semi-boob flash
We were back to Malaysia the weekend before Christmas, just to celebrate an "early Christmas" celebration with both side of the family (as in my family and his), and also to celebrate my mum's and his sister's birthday. Yes, December is a busy month. Plus I am working right now, I can feel that seriously, time is not enough.

The power of filter. Left: unedited, Right: edited with VSCO. Somehow, I have been using fade a lot. I guess it's a part of my editing "style" right now.


Obligatory polaroid shot. :)
Love the background of Tipsy Brew O'Coffee in Setia Walk, Puchong 

Mum's real birthday
Because she claims to have two birthdays every year. This is her IC's birthday date.

But before that, we went to Midvalley for some shopping! Actually our main objective of the day was to donate blood at Midvalley as they have some blood drive there on that day. I couldn't donate my blood as I re-did my tattoo in September. I can't donate for the next 6 months.
I know, you can still donate blood if you don't tell them you did that but.. I have an honest policy even though people might overlook it. Who knows. There is a guideline for a reason, and I do not want to waste my blood because of some silly mistake like this. And I do not want to be the reason that a person died because of my mudblood impure blood. Blah.

Santa visited! And he is inviting everyone to sit on his lap and share their Christmas wishes. I think this is the first time I have seen this kind of event happening in front of my own eyes. We're so westernized. Lol.

A simple dinner/birthday celebration with the family at TJ Haus (and they serve exceptional European food).


These animal facial mask has been going viral since... maybe few months ago. I am only doing them now... Not that I have any reason to follow the craze. :P I stumbled on them randomly at some pharmacy and decided to buy them. Damn, they ain't cheap though. I think they cost like RM12 for one piece. Okay lah, just want to try for the heck of seeing the mask on my face. They kind of sting though, not sure what kind of reaction is that. 
But hey, look at my perfect eyebrow. Ikr.

So many December babies

Hey look, Yang Li! You're on my blog! You're femes now! LOL, okay no.

Sushi, german Wurst, roast chicken, and no chinese food in sight.. We're definitely breaking some rules here. 

Me and some friends who are in Singapore decided to have a simple celebration for Solstice night and Yang Li's birthday. At first, Jason offered to make the tang yuan from scratch but.. I don't think we have enough time for that. So, we decided to buy the ready made one... It was sold out at the nearest mini-mart at my house. The whole fridge was empty okay. I was like so shocked.. Don't housewives make them anymore!?!? Then, luckily I tried my luck at another mini-mart. And they were quite cheap as well, as they were doing a promotion (Yaasssss, smart consumer achievement unlocked).
To eat tang yuan, one must use ginger when making the syrup water. If there is no ginger... you don't know what you're missing out on!


And then on the next day, me and mein Liebling went back to Malaysia to prepare for our morning flight to Sipadan. Yes, people. I survived. I am still alive. Everything was well there, I was not kidnapped. Jokes aside, going to write this in a separate post. 

Happy New Year in Universal Studios
Sad to say that, indeed, this is my first visit ever. F*ck all of you who bragged about the Transformer ride experience. I officially announced that I too have bragging rights now. *shows flared nostrils*

To our surprise, it's New Year, but it wasn't as crowded as we thought it would be. I think the maximum time that we waited for the ride was like 50 mins? And that was for the Transformer ride (of course, the most famous one). There wasn't much people lining up for the re-opened Battle Star Galactica rides (we took both red and blue ones). 

Must experience rides!
  • Jurassic Park (the one which you will get wet), the others you can skip. We kena cheat by one of the long queue, end up it is just like 10 secs ride beginner roller coaster ride. Demn.
  • Water World Show (sit at the front seat to get splashed!). It felt like we were watching a Hollywood live action movie. The stunts and props were all aawwweesome! Not to mention the main couple casts are hot and cute as hell. 
  • Battle Star Galactica (red and blue!!!) If you would have to choose one, pick the Cylon one which your feets will be hanging in mid-air. I was hesitant to take that ride, but in the end, I just went for it. 
  • The dark Egyptian roller coaster ride? (Idk, we didn't try this but we heard some great reviews)
  • Transformer of course. 

with our bully-victim-guest.

Almost everyone has a job now

The fate of most (I said most because one of my coursemate is missing in this picture, lol) of the Computer major graduates lies in Singapore. LOL. All three of us started work almost at the same time and finally we got to meet after few months of planning. Hope everyone will do well in whatever path we choose!

I didn't know Singapore has places like this. 
It's time for my first trail walk here. 

Tree top walk, done. 11km trail, done and done.



MTR since 1924
I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who is visiting Little India. This is the second time I patronized this lovely South Indian Vegetarian restaurant. The menu is unlike any other that I have seen before. And everyday they have different special menu. Be sure to check them out! So far, I have tried quite a number of dishes, and I love each and every one of them. 

Extra space for some other little things that I want to share. Unlike the others that I categorize according to days. 

So, I was walking around some small shopping mall, and I stumbled upon this Korean import mini-mart called "Shine Korea" and then I found out that they actually have a number of franchises in Singapore. And then I see this. 
Jolly Pong. If you have not tried it, you have to. Basically, it's like popcorn except that it's like the Korean version of popcorn. I visited South Korea but I never discovered this thing because I am not really into snacks. I tried this once when one of my colleagues bought some back to the office as souvenirs. Then, I felt like the snack world had changed their game. 
I feel like some times I write down rubbish and it does not make any sense. But then I remembered. It's okay because it's my blog, it doesn't need to make sense. 

Right after Christmas ended, immediately all the shops started playing Chinese New year songs. You know it's coming. And it's Monkey year soon! Which is my year! But it seems like even though it is the year of monkey, it doesn't mean everything will go well. And I've heard that actually, this year will not be a good year for those born in the year of Monkey. Huh, tough luck guys. Good luck to all of us. 
And if you have noticed, I am so into snapchat these days. Even though I don't have that many followers or "followings". But I think it's a place that I can share my daily updates. Fast and easy. Also the reason why I am not that active in Instagram anymore.

And this is a part of my daily live now. My best friend of these three months are Microsoft Excel and Notepad++. Which I am not complaining. It's nice, it's challenging to learn how to work with vba script and make a complicated as hell function with it. 
Plus, I just received a recognition/compliment yesterday for my hard work. I felt like I was in cloud nine then because I made so many mistakes in my work. But turns out, overall, I am actually improving the system and as quoted "sooooo much". I am a happy engineer. Lol, I have been bragging it to my loved ones since yesterday. But I guess this serves a big part in motivating me. :) 

Salad bar near to my workplace
I have been trying hard to eat clean for the past 3 weeks. I do feel different but I felt like I didn't lose much weight. But in actuality I did. YAY FOR ME! I have lost like 3kgs since I started this clean eating thing. But I am still far from my condition that I achieved last year. I have been skipping exercises this week. :P Will try to pick myself up again next week. 

Okay, that's it for my long-short update. 

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