Year 2016

Heeeeyyyy, it's a brand new year! Again!

I've been very quiet on my blog lately. Well, not only because of work. Work is okay, I try to go back on time as always, and 80% of the time, I can. But the time after work, is so precious, I try to spent it on other things besides blogging. Because when I blog, I need a lot of time. Because I tend to rant and I read back what I wrote to make sure I don't make grammatical mistake. Lol, I have a grammar nazi in me.

So, a brand new year. A brand new "New Year's Resolutions". This never gets old. I guess it's a pretty good way to look back on our past year and keep track of our own goals. Thank god I have more realistic goals last year. Else I would have another year of red texts (which means not achieved).
So, as always, I will be copying the resolutions I wrote last year and check if I have achieved them or not.

2015 New Year's Resolution:

  1. Pursue your dreams and don't stop till you get there, even if it's just a tiny little step, just take it one at a time. I am still doing my crochet thing and I love it. Not stopping it! And currently, I landed a job that deals with a lot of programming! Another star for this!
  2. Don't let anyone tell you what you should do or not do (with reasons, not baseless ones) I still get affected by other people's comments about things but of course only when I have little knowledge over a specific topic. I can be stubborn as hell when I decided on something. So, I think I can cross off this too?
  3. Live healthier, eat healthier. Well, this was half and half. I was doing well in the first half of the year. I ate clean, exercised regularly, I felt good about my body. But after I went to Germany, I began to slide back to laziness. I blamed it on the cold weather there and delicious food everywhere. 
  4. Learn to manage your money flow. Still flowing like waterfall. Especially when I am earning my own money. I have a perfect meme for this. 

    Can't help it. I like to live happy. 
  5. Learn to manage your time. I am currently blogging while working. LOL. But of course, I have finished what I should do. So, it's fine. Even though I am working, I am always finding time to do what I like. Cooking, crocheting, spending time with friends and family. I guess it's going well for me. I am very time conscious. Ask my boyfriend. I am always constantly reminding him to buy bus tickets back home.  
  6. No more doing things at last minute. Just focus on one thing at a time and not everything at once. Can't remember the last time I have done things in the last minute..... well, at least it's not me who is making things last minute. I like to finish things early!
  7. Be happy everyday and remind yourself that you have people who loves you. My mood has been very stable I guess. I don't get moody all of a sudden like in the past. Maybe because I am always busy with things (that I like!). 
  8. Do more good deeds. Volunteer or donate when you are making your own money. Working on it! There was this donation thing going on the other day in the office. But I always think "maybe tomorrow", and then the donation period was over. I can be very stingy.. still. :P
  9. More cooking! Definitely doing it!
  10. Explore. I took the chance to study on the other side of the world. I traveled solo. Regretted some decision but it's an experience. I hiked the mountain alone when I feel like it. I walk randomly through places. I discovered new knowledge during my travels. Made a lot of new friends from across the country and always hear a lot of interesting stories from them. I can say this is the proudest thing I can tick off this year. 
7 out of 10 ticked off. Well, I guess that is not bad. Definitely an improvement from the last two years. LOL. 2015 has been an overwhelming year for me. I can say I definitely grown a lot this year. I even have the luxury to travel even when before I landed on my first job. All thanks to my parents for that. Without them, this would not happened. 2015 is also the year where I started a new phase of my life. I officially graduated with a degree. Thank god for that! I can't believe I have been studying almost all of my life. I mean I started school when I was 4 (I think) and I graduated when I am 23. 20 years of education. Goodbye 1/3 of my life (Asians don't live that long). 

So now, a new year, some new goals. 

2016 New Year's Resolution

  1. Learn German. Make it better! 
  2. Learn one martial art for self-defense.
  3. Give back to the people who has been helping you unconditionally in your life. 
  4. Exercise regularly! Stick to your plan! 
  5. Learn to wear fashionably. Hello "girl", where are you? 
  6. Do more good deeds whenever you can! Even small one counts.
  7. Pursue what you want. Do not let anyone hold you back.
  8. Complete all those draft post in your blog!
  9. As always, be happy.
  10. Explore more! Version 2.0
Short and simple. And realistic? 
I had a hard time thinking this out as I didn't allocate my time thinking about this a lot. LOL. But I guess that's how I roll. Okay, gotta get back to work! 



  1. happy new year all the best! <3

    1. Thanks Sydney! You have a great year as well. Thanks for being an avid reader and appreciate the interaction. 😍 ❤️