18-Feb-16 | It's my Second Monkey Year

No, the holiday is not done yet. After Christmas and New Year, I have Chinese New Year to look forward to. And the food galore has not stopped since (no thanks to my mum's delicious homemade Chinese New Year cookies). Gosh, even when I am sitting in the office, I am still in holiday mood. 

This year is the year of Monkey! Which is my year! Unfortunately, they said it's not a very good year for fellow monkeys. So much for fan tai sui

Dinner with friends in SG before CNY. Jason's first salary celebration WOOTS!
Finally he did it, he treated us after all our complaining. Hahaha.

Food from Mrs Pho near Golden Mile
I know this came out of nowhere but I recently discovered a very nice place for Vietnamese food. It was really unexpected and I was just finding some nearby place to eat and then I found this hidden gem. Mrs Pho is a very small shop serving authentic Viet cuisine but that doesn't stop them from getting returning customers. I am definitely one of them now.
Even though I was having dinner alone, that didn't stop me from ordering more than what is enough for me. LOL. #noregrets. I should do a proper food review post in the future when I go there again. With nice pictures and all! :D 

5am breakfast.. Awww yeeaaaawwwhhhhh
Got on the 9pm bus on a Thursday night. I was expecting some really bad traffic at the custom but it was as smooth as a baby's bottom. Maybe it's because we were using the second link instead of the main bridge. Reached at 3.30am, and Liz came to fetch me for breakfast. Yes, believe it. That was how crazy we were. And we thought there would be breakfast served at 4am.. unfortunately, we were wrong. But having food from my hometown was always a delight for me. So it didn't matter how long I have to wait. It was all worth it. :)


I have never done manicure before and this was my first time paying other people to do my nails for me. And I got them gel nails. It's cheap.. it costs only RM35 but.. this is the result. I won't tell where I did it but I was really horrified by the experience. I couldn't stop telling people how ugly it was. Obviously, I wasn't very happy with the artwork. And it's not like I can remove it myself at home with nail polish remover (because these gel nails doesn't budge). Oh well, lesson learnt. But this made me interested in drawing my own nails again. Except it's a pain to buy nail polish, and my room doesn't have that much space to store my artsy fartsy stuffs anymore. Meh.. Looking at videos about DIY nails is enough.

Friends gathering almost every day.

Of course, 30th night dinner with family is a must too. But this year, it seems very quiet. As many of my relatives went overseas for holiday... including my dad's side grandma.

Haven't seen them since I got my new job!

eh, belakang ada satu photobomber!

And this year, I only get the chance to see my godson. Goddaughter went back hometown, don't wanna come back. So sad. And look! I even made a Peppa pig for her (which is a very popular pig among children these days I think).

Chinese New Year is also a time for gambling. HAHAHA. I'm like a nomad, going around houses to gamble. Damn. 

All the ex-convent girls yumcha session. Hello, finally I have more chiobu friends to show on my blog. LOL

Gathering at Xin Yi's house. Weird thing is, not everyone knows everyone there... but who cares. HAH

Chor 2 family dinner with mum's side relatives. 

My dress's zip broke during dinner. FML. Too fat ady, wear until the zip cannot zip. Terpaksalah steal cardigan from my "uncle".

Mum.. stop..

.................Just stop...

Okay, short CNY update done. Here are some random moments of my life that I want to share, idk why but I just want to say something about them than none at all. Sort of like sharing what my current obsession is.

So, recently, I discovered this wonderful thing called "Peach Gum" thanks to my mum's friend. She bought it for my mum and my mum cooked it as a dessert. And ever since then, I've been cooking it almost every week. LOL. Peach gum doesn't have any taste at all. But I am obsessed over it.. maybe it's because of the texture that made me addicted. It was like I was eating some cheap version of bird nests.

Simplest recipe ever: Red dates, wolfberry seed, cane sugar, peach gum, water. Boil 1 hour. Done.
And here's my snapchat. Feel free to stalk..
before I change my mind on sharing this publicly...
Kthxbye. I am out of randomness.

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