16-Nov-16 | Guess whos back?

Back again. 
Shady's back, tell a friend
Guess who's back, guess who's back
Guess wh.......

Okay, I think I should stop right here. 

It must be the Baileys' effect taking over.
I have been drinking this baby now and then with milk. Though I am not an alcohol person, this is super.
It's been so long since I blogged, and I just don't know where to start. I am also planning to continue writing my Europe trip post which I abandoned half-way without any valid reason. Lol. I just post Prague today. I'll write Salzburg next. 

There are so many changes in my life recently and I did not really have the chance to reflect on it. I really really miss blogging. I miss how I can just type what I feel and just let it all flow out. I forgot how therapeutic this is for me. I feel so sad right now, why didn't I realize this sooner? This was exactly what I need. Some where I can truly let it all out.

Okay, well, not everything. Actually I have been keeping a diary (well, actually, an e-diary) two weeks back. Which is something I have not done for more than 10 years. I used to buy notebooks to write in every single night. I have noticed after writing in everyday since the last two weeks, I just feel like I should just go back to blogging. Even though I just spent around 5 dollars for the diary app. Because the free version just lets me write 10 post in a month. Throw money again. Though on the other hand, I am sure I will use it too for something more personal that I do not want to share publicly. Maybe I am a little harsh on myself, it's not throwing money. It's investment for personal pleasure. 

I also noticed that ever since I stopped blogging, I have also stopped taking pictures. Which I thought it's a shame. I feel like I have lost so much memory, I just can't recall it all back without the help of pictures. You know, last time, I used to think "maybe I should just live life instead of wasting so much time in taking pictures". I even deemed taking pictures of food not cool anymore and that is what the aunties do nowadays (which is true). But after experiencing it, I feel so empty looking back on my album. It's like a blank slate for the past few months. Well, I guess the saying of "a picture is worth a thousand words" is kind of true. 

You only start to appreciate things when it is gone. And I have learnt my lesson. 

I think my life has drastically changed over the month of October and November. I dyed my hair, got a tattoo, got news that I'll be joining a new project as a real software engineer, and adopting two cats!
Last month at Wayang Kulit Tatu
I got my second tattoo after a two years gap from my first one. It's funny because previously I was so sure I will only get one and only one tattoo in my life. I never thought I would go for it again. If you asked me why I did it.. Well.. there's no exact reason behind it. I just like it. And you know what, out of so many people only two person (including my brother) recognized the character I got on my arm. Only true gamers will know it. *otaku desu ne*  

Of course, as I expected, I got some pretty negative response from a few people (some, indirectly). Especially my mum and some of my family members. They were making fun of me when they saw it. They were so mean. I don't really respond well to mean comments actually, so I was quite depressed for awhile even though I do not want to admit it. But there's some people who thought it was really pretty. This makes me happy. I was really hyped and I loved it so much when I got it. But knowing my characteristic, I am also easily influenced. Especially by moods and especially when it is a negative one. When I think about it, I reacted like an idiot. Hah. 

It's my skin, just let me do what I want with it. I like art. I like the way it looks. So, please just leave it alone if you do not have anything nice to say. 

On a more random note, I splurged a lot this month. No thanks to hair, tattoo, cats and.. PS4. I'm not really a big fan of LEGO but my boyfriend is. But from what I know, LEGO games are pretty fun.. So guess what.. I bought three of games in one go. Because I thought it was a pretty great deal. I mean 3 games for the price of 1! Damn, I feel like I fell exactly into a trap after saying this. Hahaha. If you're reading this and you like LEGO games, then you probably would want to check this deal out before it ends. 

I am trying to save some money here by making my own cat scratch block. One of my weekend DIY projects too. I like making things with my own hands. Oh, thanks to Maryati (another wonderful cat mummy) for giving me some sisal rope! It was pretty difficult to find these ropes in normal stores. The wood is from Daiso. Bought wood glue and wahlah. I made it. I made one for less than 5$. If I would buy the ones from the pet shop, it would cost me at least 30$. I am so proud of myself. 

I also crocheted a bed bag (?? I don't know how people call it) and made some bell collars too. I am still patiently waiting for next weekend! The keeper was kind enough to bring them for second vaccination and ID tagging before I take them in. So, I am really looking forward to next weekend when I can finally bring them home.

Well, I think for my next project, I'll make some felt toys and tent (with old t-shirt). Hehe. this is so much fun. 

Alright, that's it for today's random blog post. Good night! 🐾

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