24-Nov-16 | Mum's & Grandma's Birthday | Bianca & Grey

Look at all these hungry faces.........

HAHAHA. I am uploading some not-so-artistic picture here. Look at all the faces that I caught off guard. 

Decided to have a seafood dinner to celebrate my mum's and grandmother's birthday earlier since I was back that weekend. Crabs, lalas, mantis shrimp. Oh, the longing for seafood. The craving is real. We went to Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant in Teluk Gong (a very fancy and exotic name). Fresh seafood, highly recommended. 

You know originally didn't even thought of buying a cake. Because mum bakes and I don't think we have that emphasis on cakes for birthday. But ended up buying one after dinner when XM went to RT pastry to buy a cake for somebody else too (a coincidence).

Grandma can't wait to cut the cake
Not much of a celebration but I guess it's just a simple one. I'm not good at celebrations and giving long ass speech. So there.

Dim sum kinda morning
No thanks to my candida diet, I can't eat much because grains. Sigh. I feel so empty without rice and bread. It's killing me. I can't avoid sugar any longer, and took very sugary food on the 5th day of the diet... Guilty pleasure.

This might be TMI but ah, I don't care anymore. I feel like more people should know this because I think around 70% of the female population will experience this in their lives. I have been infected by Candida since July and ever since my Australia trip, it has been coming back no matter what pills I took or what medicine I inserted or applied. Although as the doctor said, it is not life-threatening, just damn annoying. Because when the yeast infection comes, it comes with itch and disgusting discharge. It itch like hell yes, but what's worse is that it's painful when I walk. That is a whole new level. Then finally after 5 whole months of dealing with normal doctor, I had to go to see a Gynae. She gave me some antibiotic (I took antibiotic treatment before but it didn't work, but this is a different drug I guess) and asked me not to eat grains and fruits anymore until the situation is clear.

People, do you know how hard is it to think about what food to eat when you cannot consume grains and fruits? That means I can't eat rice, noodles, bread, and dumpling skins. Remove that and remove fruits (farking hell, I eat so much fruits normally), I can now only consume meats and vegetables only. Oh, did I mention I cannot eat starchy vegetable too? That means no potato or sweet potato. Processed food is a no no too. That means no Spam, no bacon... Good bye fried rice with spam.

I only successfully followed this diet for like 2 days then I kind of cheat here and there. Hah.

Coldplay is coming to Singapore in the coming April, the ticket was officially on sale since Monday and I couldn't get a ticket! They even announced and extra show on Thursday and sold the ticket on Friday but to no avail. Seems like there's just too much Coldplay fan. Or there is too much scalpers here. It's so annoying. Those people who just buy the tickets and just sell for a higher price. It's basically daylight robbery. Sigh. 

Anyway, I guess I'll just open a youtube replay of the whole show. Looking at the bright side, at least I can save some money since I do not need to spend on the tickets. 

Big news! I adopted two Ragcoon (Ragdoll x Maine Coon) kittens! I named them Bianca and Grey. Bianca is a girl (obviously) and Grey is a boy. They are siblings. Actually I was only planning to get one kitten. When I went to meet with the breeder, they said only the female one is available. So, I booked Bianca. But a few days later, I saw on the breeder's facebook page, and it shows that the male cat was also available. So I went to ask the breeder again because I thought he was booked by another family. Turns out the adopter's parents forbids it, so he wasn't adopted by them in the end. In a heartbeat, I said I'll adopt both of them. Because two is better than one (yes, two cats is indeed better than one since I spent most of my time working and sleeping). Best decision I have ever made. They are inseparable. 

Even though they are siblings, both of them have very different personality and they look very different as well actually. I have been posting (more like spamming) their pictures and videos on Instagram and Snapchat. And I am gonna do it again on my blog. LOL.  


This is Grey. Grey has a much more bigger build than his sister. He is more of a ragdoll than his sister because once I pick him up, he just goes limp like a rag doll literally. He also enjoys being held like a baby. Personality wise, he is more likable because he is very docile and sweet. Some times he can be a little bit silly and a bit slow. Hahaha. Favorite past time: Sleeping next to his humans.

This is Bianca. I have less picture of her because she is always here and there, and also it's very hard to take her picture, because she just won't stand still! As you can see, she looks skinnier but she eats more than her brother but also is more active out of the two. She doesn't like to be held, as she will wriggle around once picked up (under my friend's advice, I am trying to train her to accept it by picking her up constantly when I have the chance). She is very feisty and clever. She is more vocal also and demanding. She can be so cold but yet warm. I can never tell what she is thinking. Basically, I am describing a woman here. LOL. No, seriously, when I pet her, she just runs away but I think she is slowly changing. Because since yesterday, she comes up to me and demands to be petted. 

Grey was sleeping and Bianca was just running by photobombing. lol

And these were taken this afternoon. I guess I am becoming a good mummy because both of them is following me around and really likes to sleep next to me. Even when I am typing now, Bianca just came and lay down next to my arms. I don't know why, but I feel so loved. LOL. And it's only been a little bit less than a week since I got them but it seems like a very long time. And I felt like I didn't do anything productive at home at all since they came because once I am home, I just can't keep my eyes off them. It gets even worse when they are jumping around the tables and biting the wires! I'm going crazy though I do love them because they are just too cute. Even in the mornings, I don't need my alarm anymore, because at 6am sharp Grey will knead on my leg and Bianca will just trample all over me and meow at my ear. Their way of asking for food. Though it's kind of a good news for me since it's hard for me to wake up early. I can now go to the office earlier. LOL. 

Okay, enough cat-talk. I think I am seriously becoming a crazy cat lady now. 

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