21-Dec-16 | Christmas party in the office, Saturdates

Christmas party in the office.

On the first day of Christmas December, all of the SW guys were invited for an early Christmas-slash-appreciation party. It was actually held in our office building's carpark. Which is kind of cool and much better than eating out (IMO). Rica (a very talented colleague who plays a lot of instruments and sings like an angel) invited me over to sing 2 songs for that night. I was actually hesitating but also kind of excited too. In the end, I said yes, and I sang 2 songs (semi horribly, I can't even watch the video my colleague sent to me, I will cringe HAHA). LOL. I still cannot get rid of my stage fright even till now. 
*Flash back* I still remember I sang "Burung Kakak Tua" when I was in kindergarten. It was a solo performance. LOL. I can still remember the clip that was recorded. Then I joined choir too when I was in Primary School. I put myself out there again in my university years, performing one of Una's (one of my university mates) original song. If you ask me for a karaoke session I'll sing my lungs out, don't really care if it's out of tune. Talking about karaoke, it's been awhile since I went to one. Maybe I'll do it when I am back to Malaysia soon. My brother came to challenge me the other day, out of the blue. #random

Percussion by Soerkano and JJ as the guitarist

A picture at the DIY photobooth. And here is Rica with a big hi! 


Birthday month.

It's December.. meaning my birthday month! Treating myself a little something something. I got some freebies anyway, so we went to try something new nearby our house. We went to Spruce Fire Station to have our brunch that day. The menu looks really tempting. I ordered french toast and he ordered a special blue cheese beef burger, then we claimed our free brownie cake (without the birthday song, as I requested. It was simply too embarrassing for a stranger to sing to me. Hah.)

Applying foundation really makes a big difference *random*

Our very reflective specs, we ordered the same material from the same shop, and it always has a blue hue Idk why.

They used brioche for the french toast served with marmalade and mascarpone. First time eating a french toast of this kind. Honestly, it was too much for me. Well, the waitress did warn me about it, I thought it would be good since I was really hungry. But I ended up only eating almost half of it. Almost. Should have ordered the benny instead, it was too sweet for my brunch. 

"It was love at first bite". The blue cheese smells like rotten feet but he loves it none-the-less. Hahaha. Luckily I did not buy a whole chunk of blue cheese the other day when we went for grocery shopping.

Me being anti-social, and stalking somebody on Facebook.

Final Fantasy XV in my hands!

Final Fantasy XV, a game which was under development for 10 years, finally came out on 29th Nov. 10 YEARS (not sure if this is a fact, but this is what I heard or read). All those tears, sweat and blood. Thank you so much to all the staffs, SW developer, designers, and all the brains behind this game. It is amazing. Totally blew my mind, this is a whole new level for Final Fantasy. I am an RPG sucker especially for Square Enix's. I'm still reminiscing on the days I played FFVII, VIII, IX, and X. But they lost me after FFX. Well XII was okay I guess but I don't really understand their English, so the story wasn't convey (or received in my case) properly. XIII was very very bad. I only played till Chapter 3 I think. 

Being a (somewhat hardcore) FF fan, I ordered from Amazon mooooonttthhhss before and finally it arrived. It arrived earlier than I thought, I only waited for one week which is pretty cool. I didn't even know I bought the Day one edition, heck I didn't even know there were a few edition?? 

After a few weeks, I am only at Chapter 5, because I ain't got that much time buddy. I come home from the office and I cook, feed the cats, feed myself, clean up for my cats, and it's already 9pm. And when I play, these two naughties keep meowing at me for attention. Every. Single. Time. Unless they are sleeping of course. 

So many side quests to play. But damn, the fiends are beautiful. Just killed a Griffon the other day (not even for a quest, just a random kill because I was so awestrucked by it). 

Another Rudy the Reindeer

I made Rudy the Reindeer again! And coincidentally, the person who ordered it was the one who bought it from me last year. He requested one again this year for another Christmas baby that he met. It's such an amazing situation I tell ya. Because all three of us are born on Christmas day. Me the maker, him the client, and the other person who is going to receive this amigurumi. I hope he/she will like it. Happy birthday whoever you are!  

What is not visible is not invisible

Saw an interesting article of the exhibitions held at National Museum of Singapore on TimeOut Singapore page and thought it was interesting, so decided to go there for the weekend. If you're living in Singapore and have no idea where to go on weekend, this is a good page to follow, as they always post up interesting events happening. My friend Isabelle recommended it to me. It's great! Especially for outgoing people or for the ones who are searching for good places for dates.

Recently installed artpiece at the entrance of the museum. Retro metal pots and pans.

Glass Rotunda: Story of the Forest

This is the first thing we saw when we went in. Honestly, this is the best part of the exhibition. :P I can stare at this the whole day.. if only there wasn't much crowd walking by.

Wallpaper-worthy-material. Left-click, right-click, save image. :)

Then we went into a "virtual forest". The animals on those poster looks very pretty but when they tried to render it as a long panorama footage.. it looks buggy and weird. #beingveryhonest. But I did enjoy the flower and trees, just not the animals.

We went in to this "viewing room" where they had some pillows on the floor. Basically, inviting all visitors to lie down and gaze at the almost 360 degree projection. Kind of cool. We also manage to take some nice photos.

In the viewing room

You can tell who is the better photographer by looking at two picture above. HAHA. 

This is how the actual scene looked like with all the people. LOL. I just ruined it for you, didn't I?

Singapore, Very Old Tree
A collection of very old trees in Singapore and their humans... Yes, their humans.

This bamboo tree struck my heart. I don't know why, but I feel like I want a bamboo tree of my own after seeing this. Lol. 

Random area around the Museum

The flowers were actually arrange by the visitors who wrote something on the paper and hang them on. Which is very beautiful.

Next tattoo idea? HAH, kidding. But I love this eagle though. 

What is Not Visitble is Not Invisible
Smart ass title that plays around with words. So qim. Hahaha. But this place is one weird place but also got a lot of good shots. Yes, exhibition is not about art anymore, it's about letting other people take picture and post it on Instagram and takes all the credits. I feel so sorry for the artist some times but some of them are just way too weird for me to comprehend.

It will only light up when somebody steps in the gallery

Was asked to pose and kept turning. Okay, he did a good job shooting this. :P

Difficult to have a jump-shot inside this circle, but he almost did it. :P

Influence by Dr. Strange much?
This is an accidental shot, but some how I love it so much.
A E S T H E T I C.

The balloon room. Just reminds us of the good old times in the ball playground?
Actually......I don't really remember if I ever played with those before HAHA 

Plays Eiffel 65's I'm Blue

Stars made from spotlights. Interesting concept.
That's it for this month.

I'm gonna take a break from work next week to enjoy the whole Christmas/New Year back in Malaysia and I'm going to explore somewhere I have never been before in my home country. Actually there are so many places I have yet to visit in Malaysia, I should try exploring from there on out first as I have transport back at home, which makes things so much easier. Maybe Batu Caves or Gua Tempurung (have been in my to-go list for more than 5 years).

Alright. またね!

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