Is being too independent a bad thing?

This is going to be another long rant post of mine. Just had this thought because I feel like being independent is good but some times, maybe too independent... is not? Well, I guess this is very subjective. Well, I admit, I have thrown myself out there in the world, so with all those experience on hand, I might say I am quite independent. This may affect how I think and how I tend to judge other people. I know I know, it's kind of like hypocrisy. I always ask people not to judge other people, but in reality, I am like the supermarket employee that is always holding a label gun. HAHAHA. It's kind of like I am slapping myself when I am admitting this. Anyway...
Recently, I just feel like the words coming out from my mouth is hurting other people (especially my boyfriend and my close friends). Well, I mean well actually but maybe the way I say it or the words that I have used might be a little offensive... in a way? It's kind of funny, you see, I know I am being offensive right here (I mean after I say it) but I am never the person to filter out pretty words if I am talking to someone I know for a long time. I have a few friends who would straight out tell me when I am crossing the line, I honestly appreciate that because right then and there, I would know to when stop and apologize.

Being too independent in a relationship might be a bit toxic I think. I mean, if one is managing so well on their own and refuse to share their experience or problems to their other half, it might seem like they are hiding a part of them from their other half. Some times, it's good to depend on somebody. Well, not to the extent of having the other person control all your choices of course, just talking and sharing is good. In my relationship, my other half and I have our own little quirks. I feel like because of this independent trait, I rely less on him, I also communicate less with him. Miscommunication always happened to us, and we would always ended up arguing even if it's a small issue. 
Maybe I'll give a real-life example, this happened during Valentine's actually. We always ended up arguing whenever we plan to do something romantic (seriously, no joke. About 70% of the time I think). So, we set a time and where to meet after our work. While me being me, would just go there at the promised time without constant update of where I am. I feel like that's okay, I mean, we already said a time and a place right? We ended up arguing because we had some confusion on where we are meeting, and he said I should have called and told him when I was going out and how I was going there. So, right now I would just call him up whenever I am heading somewhere to meet him.
And also this one time I told him about some things that happened to me and my friend about some request because I wanted his opinion. He ended up scolding me that I should have asked him for help. From my thinking, I thought that this was a matter between my friend and I, so naturally I wouldn't bother him for that because he has his own appointment to go to. I just thought that it's just not a good idea to put that burden on him. And he scolded me for having such a small amount of effort to help my friend. I was kind of being an ass I guess, because I was half-heartly helping my friend. In the end, my friend found someone else to help her, I made it so awkward. What an ass Joey can be. 

Also, this one thing that happened recently among my friends. Actually, I had the choice to stay quiet and just not say anything because it doesn't really concern me in the first place. But I had to open my big mouth, because I can't stand the awkwardness from all their replies and I thought we have been friends for so long, so it was better to just put it out there, my straightforwardness and my thinking that just shoots like a straight arrow. Hopefully she knows that I mean well. How do I say this then.... Urm.. So.. What I meant is that, if you want to achieve something, you have to do something and not just rely and wait for somebody else to do it for you. I mean we all have our own lifes and own priorities, so it's not fair to burden someone else with our own desires. Unless that person doesn't mind or volunteer to do it by their own means/pace.

Just so you know, if you are reading this, and I talk to you in real life and in some way offended you when I am being straightforward, I am just being truthful and just saying what comes into my head. Of course, just know this, I mean well. I don't like to dilly dally around, it's just a waste of time and energy, and some times it might even cause misunderstanding. In any way, I do apologize if I did hurt you with my words. You can just stop me if I am doing it again next time, just say something like "That's a little too mean Joey" and I'll take the cue. Just to put it out there. 
I think that's it for today. Have been thinking too much for the past week, it feels better that I finally wrote this down.

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