Rooster year 2017

This year, I was a bit smarter in choosing my transportation choice back home. Instead of taking the bus, I took a flight back to KLIA then had my brother to fetch me back home. Well, it's not cheap but I think a 160$ flight beats a 100$ bus trip back any day. At least I don't need to deal with traffic jam at the custom. 
It's also a lot quieter this year, I mean I think the trend now is to travel with family during the Chinese New Year. You know, just to avoid giving ang paos if you are married. Hahaha. No, I mean it's true though, think about it. Instead of giving the moolahs out to other people, you spend it on travel instead. Damn, all man for himself aye. Jokes aside, seriously though, my relatives are migrating, marrying, and the older one are having health problems. Friends are busy working or busy spending time with family cause this year's timing for CNY ain't that great. I only took 3 days off my work. 

Starting with pictures from the first day of CNY at my grandma's (dad's side) house. 

Check out that lewd photography skill. Lol wtf.

Everyone was looking at the youngest brother at the corner, because he refused to take a picture with us and was weeping there for no reason. Spoiled brat/attention seeker. 

My OOTD for the day. I got so many comments wherever I go. LOL. I'm sure you know why.... It's not unusual okay. 

Went to a relative's house because they had lion dance. We're suckers for lion dances.

On the left is a wild lion child, and on the right are my Harry Potter cousins with my brother

At night, we had a blast at a friend's house with a few rounds of drinking game. It's been a long time since I had so much laughs. 

Also, it's also Ann's birthday. Made a surprise for her and celebrated with everyone. :)

Everyone is just so drunk and happy, even the picture taker is laughing so hard, almost all the pictures he took are all shaky and blur-ish. These are the only good ones I had in my phone. 

*love love love*

Visited my godson too, so stylish as always. Thanks to his mum, lol. 

On the second day of CNY, my mum's family side always have a dinner gathering.. But honestly, there's no Chinese New Year feel at all anymore. It's just so sad, and everyone just came just to get it over with. Eat, give ang paos, then leaves. That's it. People don't even talk anymore. I am not even sure why. Well, I say that very well about others, but I am the same too. LOL. I'm not a talker though... actually just not an initiator, I'm okay with talking but not initiating it. 
But anyway, hads lots of fun with the face swapper filter on Snow, just laughed too hard at everything I see through my phone. 

Yes, my boyfriend came for a one day visit too. And here is a picture of us. 

Sorry, I just couldn't stop it. I went crazy for those few days with this app. Hahaha. 

Finally, here's a normal picture.

Also, it's my dad's birthday just before me and XM drove up to Seremban. Eventhough we weren't there when they blew the cake but the cake was... funnily made by my mum. The original plan was for my brother to bake and make it. When I asked about it, my brother told me he was planning to, but when he woke up, mum already baked one and even decorated it. Idk. 
The cake falled apart though, hahahaha! My stepma even asked me if it is intentionally made that way.

Well, here's an awkward wish, Happy Birthday Dad. Wish you all the happiness in the world. 

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