Bangkok for Coldplay 2017

// T H U R S D A Y // 6 A P R I L 2 0 1 7 //
// A R R I V A L // 
I was thinking of writing this post down once I collect and upload all the pictures that we have taken in Bangkok. But then I realize, I'll forget all the info and experience if I were to wait any longer. And besides, I already have the pictures from mine and his iPhone. The only pictures missing are the ones from the camera and his GoPro which I think most probably won't be happening that soon. Anyway, I'll get started on writing and add more pictures in sooner or later. I hope. 

Where we stayed | Check Inn Regency Park
The first night there was pretty bad because when we arrive to our hotel at night, they told us our room was not ready and they didn't have time to clean so they transferred us to another branch with a much much smaller room space and they don't have hot water for shower. We were tired and I was pretty pissed off. I wanted to complain or something but then I didn't want to waste my time or energy doing something like that on our vacation. Well, at least the room were decent when we got our intended room on the second day. The hotel also have a sauna, gym and a swimming pool. The view up at the balcony is super (look out for pictures below). 

Other than the issue we had with them, I think that the hotel was quite a decent place to stay for the price itself. I mean the location is pretty good, Family Mart is just right beside the hotel. The view from the swimming pool is great. The room is quite clean and spacious. There's a bar next door which is an extension to the hotel. There's a really nice massage place just nearby called Lek Massage and it only cost like 250 Baht for an hour of Thai massage. There's a lot of massage places (including inappropriate one) but if you're looking for food, I'm sorry to say there wasn't much choices. There are some roadside stalls outside of the hotel, but we never tried any of them. Instead we took like a 10 mins walk to Phrom Phong or Asok MRT and tried most of the street foods there and all of them never failed to impress. 

I look so much older recently. Not sure if it's the adult world that is making me look that way or what.
// F R I D A Y // 7 A P R I L 2 0 1 7 //
// P R E P A R E D F O R C O L D P L A Y // 

As ya'all might know this, our main reason for the trip was for Coldplay. Since we can't get a ticket for their Singapore concert, might as well try our luck in Bangkok and have a short break there. Killing two birds with one stone as the saying goes. It's been 4 years since my first and last visit to Bangkok. 

For our first day there, we had to go out a bit late because we need to transfer back to our hotel at 10am, so I think we roughly left around 11-ish? I am not sure, I forgot. *See, this is what I was saying, if I don't write things out right after the trip, I'll soon be forgetting more things*
Then we headed to Phrom Phong MRT for lunch. Street food is the way to go. 

Our first purchase during our food hunt, Thai Milk Tea.
I'm not sure why Thai Milk Tea is so good. The only drink I can think of when I am in Bangkok is Milk Tea. Doesn't happen when I am back in Malaysia or Singapore though. This is what the land of smiles do to you when you have both your feet on it. Around Phrom Phong MRT, there's plenty of road side stalls and there's just various food selections. I wanted to try everything, but our stomach couldn't really take it all in. I was really happy with my 20 baht green crunchy sweet mango (that I could eat throughout the day) and my 10 baht lemongrass meat on a stick That's when I realize, I'm in food heaven. 

Mae Varee & Roadside Stall Khao Kha Moo along Sukhumvit 55

We decided to walk all the way to Thong Lor for more food hunting since we were quite full and needed some activities to burn off the calories before we stuff food in our face again. I wanted to experience Soi 38, but there was nothing along that street, probably because it's noon. I thought the place were closed since there were some article about it but I just saw a review on Tripadvisor, and it seems like they are still open for business (during night time that is). Anyway, we stopped by at Mae Varee, a super well known 24 hours shop selling le famous mango sticky rice. My craving was finally fixed. 

Along the road from Thong Lor BTS to Buay Potchana, we found a rare gem. I never seen them in Bangkok before therefore I am calling them rare. Finally I get to try pork knuckle rice (AKA Khao Kha Moo). If you walk along Sukhumvit 55 from Mae Varee and stick to the left side of walkway, then you'll find this stall.  

Duck everything noodle

Personally, I didn't really like duck meat but decided to give this a try anyway, since it's popular and recommended on some website. The herbal taste is very strong. I didn't hate it, but I just couldn't take too much duck meat, it just doesn't make me feel too well. So I let le bf have it all. The place is quite popular as we saw a lot of people coming in during lunch hour.

For our next stop, figured we need some where to chill after all the food. We didn't have any idea on where to go but our friend gave us some ideas, so in the end, we strut on to a place where hipsters hang out. The Commons.

Where all the creativity flows. 

I think the place have a really interesting concept, where art and food meets. They have a food market down on the Ground floor, and some other moderate to high expenses restaurants and cafe on the upper floors. Roast looks like a really popular place which is situated on the topmost floor but since we were too full and the menu looks quite exxy,.. well, maybe next time, I thought to myself. Instead, we went to the food market below. It's quite a decent place to chill and kill time.

Plenty of food stalls which looks really good IMO

We felt bad not ordering anything and sitting there so le bf ordered a beer. 

I think it was around 2pm, that we decided to leave and walk to Ramkhamhaeng because that's where our friends said we should meet. I had no idea where we were walking, and definitely had no idea it would be 45 mins walk under the blazing sun. All thanks to my boyfriend, who doesn't seem to know what an appropriate answer to a question sounds like instead, he just answered my questions with vague answers like "If you walk then you'll reach. Sooner or later". Calling a taxi halfway doesn't seem like a choice either since there's traffic already. But anyway, one good thing about it is that we got to take a good picture from this footbridge. Charming ain't it?

I think we reached the station around 3pm, and the queue for shuttle bus was already pilling up. Thanks Yintse for letting us join in the queue! We reached Rajamangala National Stadium and the rest was history.

Before the crowd went fucking crazy.

Everything about the concert is just magical. I think mere words can't describe how awesome it was. I think all of us were still in the coldplay mood after the trip. After we got back to Singapore, we still hear Coldplay's songs playing in the distance like in tv news, malls and shops and even in the airports. Thank you Coldplay for the wonderful experience. It was definitely the best concert I have been to so far. 

// S A T D A Y // 8 A P R I L 2 0 1 7 //
// M O A R T M O F O O D // 

On to our brunch. We walked to Emporium. I wanted to go for lobster in one of the restaurant in the mall but... after a few glances through the menu, we decided not to. We were almost out of money anyway (LOL, yes) and I thought it's better to spend on the cheaper alternatives. Since we could definitely buy a lot of different food with that money, foh shore.
Tried the Hokkaido Cheese Toast
Hokkaido Cheese Toast @ EmQuartier

So, we went to hunt for the Cheese Toast. And man, it's like a maze there. We walked quite awhile to find this. Before that, we got ourselves some BAKE cheese tarts too before asking the cashier about this particular shop. Thank goodness one of the customer heard us and told us where to find it.

We took the BTS all the way to MBK Center and did a little shopping there. Didn't really buy much things there though. Then we got to try the famous bread from Mont Nom Sod. I remember I had something similar during my last visit at some random coffee shop, It was good. The place was full so I had to order the takeaway version, which I could only buy 1 type of jam (since it comes in a small tupperware). If you could find yourself a seat, you can order one piece of bread with your desired jam, so you could try more than one flavor. The milk tea was pretty good too, but I think they put too much ice because the drink is all gone after a few sip. I get to only have like 2 sips before le bf decided to drink everything. I hate him some times. No wonder I look so old these days (due to being triggered by a certain someone). 

Probably the best thing I've seen in there. #bookbae

Finally it was 7pm, we set off to The New Rod Fai Night Market #2 which is behind the Esplanade Mall. This is the first time for me as I don't think I have heard of it before during our first visit. Maybe it wasn't a thing before, I don't know. Currently, they have 3 Rod Fai Market, the one I went to is most probably the closest one to town. The other two are situated at the west side and the east. I suppose the one we went is at the north side.

food food food food food

Other two locations: 

Pork amd cheese

Raw chili crab, demn spiceeyyyy
This is damn spicy but man, it tasted so good. If it wasn't for the spicyness, I would probably ordered a second serving.

Fried chicken feet. 
Even though I love chicken feet, I have no idea how these friend ones are eaten. Because I can barely get anything out of it. I am not sure If I should eat the bones too, but I gave up eating it.

got my beloved case here too. It was love at first 

I look sad, because I thought I was too fat and can't fit into most of the clothes they sell there.

Probably the best place to shop for clothes. If I had more money, I think I would have bought a lot of clothes there. But since we were broke by the end of the day, we needed to control ourselves. HAH. There's also a lot of seafood there, but we gave it a pass because we were just too full. Maybe the next time when we get to come here in a group. Since the food sold per serving is simply too much for 2 person. I wish my stomach was made from a black hole. 

// S U N D A Y // 9 A P R I L 2 0 1 7 //
// B Y E B A N G K O K // 

Saving the best for the last day, we went up to the balcony to check the view out. If I knew the view was this good, I would probably come here to chill with a book.... if it's not blazing hot. 

But yeah, the view is instagram worthy. 

For our last meal, I decided to take us to an authentic Thai restaurant just to complete the experience. We walked on to Baan Khanitha, a little pricey but the portion is very reasonable for the price. 


The Miang Kham is complimentary. We ordered the usual popular Thai dishes just because we didn't get to eat them for the last few days during our time there. We had pad thai, som tam, tom yam goong, and tub tim krob. Everything was just super nice, especially the miang kham and tub tim krob. Yet another craving satisfied. 

After that, we tapao-ed some street food just in case we were hungry at the airport. Then we went to have our last Thai massage before heading to their airport. 

And to end this post, here's a picture of my deactivated cat with his Toothless costume. 300 baht wasted for this one picture. He refuse to move with it on, and when he does, he did a good job slipping it off. *cry*. 


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