Dec '17

// Happening this month // 
ninja cats
trying out jamie's italian restaurant
three ways to cook samyang's korean spicy noodles
long lost friend mary in singapore
genting with joann and liz
surprise birthday celebration from family
birthday countdown at tower 360 aka kl tower
first prawning experience
and.. more photos of bianca and grey

So, I saw these really cute cat ninja hoodie from one of the vending machine while in Japan, so I thought I would get some for mine! Look at these super cute hoodie!!!!!!! kkkiiiiyyyyuuuuuuuttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt! Although Grey look amazingly pissed. HAHAHA. Now, anyone can tell who is who. Visitors always have problem recognizing Bianca and grey, so this kinda sort out the problem.

Speaking of Japan, I think it'll take awhile for me to finish... or rather.. start writing my Japan post but I promise myself it will come to no matter how long I procrastinate!

Werking it.


I'm back to trying out winged eyeliner look again. I've been avoiding this look because of hooded eyelid but not anymore. Because I'm soooooooo obsessed with double eyelid tape for some reason, so I could kinda pull off this look. I hope. Well, this is not the best try but hey.. A for effort right? 

Also, discovered this new kind of grapes while in Japan called Muscat. They taste like mango and grape hybrid (as described by my mum). Well, after that new discovery, I started to realize there's actually Muscat drink! I found this in Shine Korea mart in Singapore. It smells really good but of course, the real fruit is better. 

Also , had a date at Jamie's Italian restaurant at VivoCity. Prices are reasonable as the portion is quite big! Honestly I had much better experience dining here than Bread Street Kitchen at Sentosa (which is super overpriced IMO). We had the signature prawn linguine and truffle shuffle pizza. Both are great especially the linguine. I would really recommend to people to go there if you fancy some Italian cuisine. 

Hwee Chien (le partner's god daughter.. yes, god-daughter of the same age) is here in Singapore again! Got some dessert at one of my favorite ice cream place, Udders! 


So, le partner decided to buy a whole packet (5 servings) of Samyang's korean spicy x2 noodles at Shine Korea the other day because it was on promotion. I forgot the price but I remember it was cheaper than buying 2 servings separately. So, here we are. 
I cannot deny that it really is very delicious.. even though I dislike the overwhelming heat. By chance, I also found this 3 ways to cook korean spicy noodle video on youtube, so we decided to try it out on the weekend. We tried all 3 recipes in one go. My favorite was the one cooked with milk. You gotta try it out when you have the chance! And if you cannot stand the heat like me, be sure to eat the noodle with a glass of milk beside you at all times. It really helps.


Look who is here in Singapore! I haven't seen this girl in a very long while. We can't even remember the last time we saw each other. Probably more than 5 years ago. Since Mary now lives in Australia, it's very rare to get to see her. Lucky for me, she was around Singapore for 3 weeks. So, I decided to bring her to eat some good food around Singapore. 

amazed look

 taste like toilet cleaner.... Trust me, you don't wanna try it, because I already did.
Anyway, I brought her to Chong Qing and also Keisuke's Lobster King. Both I think worth to be introduced. Even though it's not really "local" cuisine. But good food is good food. Also, the main reason for our meeting to be in Clarke Quay because I promised that I would have a drink with her on a Friday night. Like a real drink. 
As y'all know (or don't know), I don't drink. Cocktail is an exception. We found this churros bar serving a whole different type of cocktail. It's an outdoor bar but the music they were playing on the radio was so good. Then I poured out to Mary.. Lol, sorry bout that Mary, it's just that it's been a long while since I have a chance to speak heart-to-heart with someone or maybe it's because of the alcohol. I'm alcohol-intolerant, haha. Thanks for listening and also sharing your thoughts. ❤ Love you to the moon and back.

Android front camera is sooooo gooodddd. Look at the auto-edit function. My hair looks luscious af. 

 In comparison to my iPhone.. Well, I guess #nofilter LOL. 

Tried out this brunch cafe in Ochard called Wild Honey. I rarely go out cafe hunting anymore so I think I am very lacking in recommending a good place to brunch at in Singapore. I think mainly because I don't have a car.. so I don't feel like going out much. Lol. And also I want to save money... for online shopping. *laughing hysterically* Well, unless it's a special occasion like this one. The food is not bad, though the portion can be a bit too much for a lady or maybe it's because of the amount of cheese the brioche has, so we couldn't finish it.

Accompanying her to Number76 for a haircut

Omg, I look so unnatural. Don't ask me to pose for the camera okay, because I look so weird if I know there's a camera pointing at me. I think candid pictures are the best. 
Teatime at Antoinette, as Mary heard that their hot chocolate is superb, so we decided to try it out.  

Couldn't resist ordering a few macaroons too. It's been awhile since I had them fancy desserts. And also this Christmas special dessert which is served in a sphere. So cool right! Not only is it pleasing to the eyes, it also taste damn good. Highly recommended for high tea!

Bambi is not edible. Tried and tested by yours truly
Till we meet again my friend XOXO.


sorry I look ugly, because i'm wearing an oversize jacket from my boyfriend

It's so rare for us to be able to go to some getaway together like this. It's also quite a long time since I went to Genting Highlands. Not really a popular place anymore especially after they closed their theme park for renovation (which I do not know what has happened currently).

Originally, planned to celebrate me and Isabelle's birthday together but unfortunately she had a wedding to go to and also flying to China soon again, so it was better for her to spend her limited time with the family. I also had my own plans on my birthday eve so we decided to gather much earlier. Even though it's not Christmas eve, the traffic jam is quite bad. It was also raining on our way back. So, kinda took quite long to drive up and down.

So, up there, we explored the new Premium Outlets area, SkyAvenue and the casino. Funny story, Jo Ann was stopped and was required to show her ID to the guards when we were entering the casino. HAHA. 

We waited like 2 hours to get into Burgers and Lobsters. The queue was crazy and the waiting time was also quite long. Luckily the food is really good. I was expecting much less because... well.. double standard. I'm not gonna lie. Hah. But it's honestly very good, despite my doubt. Definitely has quality control. With this kind of price, they better. Be prepared to spend around RM150 per person up there. 

I think we were fooling around with our phone's camera most of the time up there. And also a lot of people watching going on. To our disappointment, there isn't any good looking guys to look at but a lot of good looking ladies there. Hahahaha. I guess Genting is not really one of the hipster place to be anymore. 


Was so tired on my birthday's eve. I was completely drained out. Luckily, me and the girls didn't talk until sunrise like we always do when we meet up, which I really appreciate. I am old already, I need my sleep. Else, I'll look like a zombie. 
Breakfast with the girls before I drive them back to Ann's house, nap a little while, and woke up to doll myself up for a dinner date with my partner. Uncle Alvin was also throwing a Christmas dinner with his family. My whole family was invited too. So, we decided to drop by for awhile before we go to our dinner at Tower 360. 
Little did I know.. they prepared a surprise birthday for me too. Completely took me by surprise. I did not even detect anything weird. Or maybe I was too dense or did not expect it happening in my life. HAHA. Yes, my life is very mediocre.. nothing special happens. So yeah, this was definitely a big surprise. 

Looking back at my recent years, I rarely celebrated my birthday with my family on my exact birthday. I was in Kuantan last year, and Sipadan the previous year. Well, I don't remember the years before. Probably a good idea to keep track on my blog. 

my mum even baked a cake for the occasion! Weee. 

Heeee. ❤❤❤

My cute grandma ❤

The importance of counting down before taking a picture... but it turns out fine. I like it in fact. Haha.

I'm back to taking polaroids again! 
Thank you for throwing me a surprise, fam.


Killing it. 

For my birthday/Christmas countdown, I was in for a treat. He brought me to Tower 360 for a buffet supper. Thank you love ❤. I think I have been up the KL tower before, but I don't really remember. Maybe it was another tower in another country. I am not sure. But seeing it at night, I think it would definitely be my first. Not only that, also a first eating at a revolving restaurant up in the air! 

Though truth to be told, the service and food quality could be a lot better. I mean I would think they could earn a lot for the place but man, the maintenance is so awful. 


Look at my face, I was so scared because it kept on wiggling.

My first prawning experience ever! I was scrolling around Fave app for some interesting activities to do. So, I saw this promotion of 10$ for an hour prawning experience in D'Best Fishing in Pasir Ris. Usual price was 18$. I didn't know these kind of activities would be that expensive. But anyway, yeah, it was a lot of fun!
Although, he kept on complaining about how smart the prawns are in avoiding the bait because at another fishing center, he got the prawn biting in almost an instant. Well, I have to say it is very challenging. Because the prawn nibs around the bait instead of taking in head on, so it takes some skill to flick the fishing pole. Here I am, explaining like I am a pro but in reality I have only had less than an hour experience.

And this little shit can't even handle the unhooking of the prawns, so I had to do it for him. He kept on complaining how cruel this activity was almost at all the times. If you need a party pooper, I can introduce you to a really good one that likes to nag too.

We fished like 3 in total. Yeah, that bad. I cooked them back home and ate them. They don't taste very good for some reason. I don't know why. I thought it might be sweeter but they were tasteless. Yuck. Should have just froze them and cook them with something else. 

I'm now looking for a chance to go to a short trip to Kukup! And maybe do some fishing there. Hehe. I have been thinking of going there since few years back, it's just that it was never realized mostly because I... I don't know. I guess it would need some planning and also the inviting people part.. probably is the most difficult task to tackle. Let's see about this year. 


I'm just gonna post a lot of pictures of Bianca and Grey from here on out. They are just so adorable. I can't. They just surprises me every now and then with their stupidity. Hahahaha. Enjoy. 

Grey really likes to lay around his fat body on our face in the morning while we are sound asleep. I have no idea why he does that. But he would literally slam his fat ass to our faces and just lay there. The above shows how my boyfriend was getting revenge, by sleeping on him when he fell down from above his head. He looks adorable though. 

Bianca likes to fur up my bags to make sure they are warm and cozy. And also scratches them at times.

Attention seeker

His favorite spot, our Ikea bed table

Bianca's #2 fav spot (I don't have a pic of her sleeping in her fav #1 spot, will do that on the next post most probably)

That smoldering stare

Ouuhhhh, I can't get enough of my furry kids. ❤❤❤

Well, I think this is a wrap then. Since it's the end of my Dec post, I guess it's appropriate to wish everyone (that still read my blog) a very Happy New Year 2018! 
I don't have any resolutions this year. I know it's more "productive" to have one. But I think I can't be bothered. I'm so lazy. I think I'm just interested in having dreams but I am not committed to them (geddit?). Alright, here's to another great year! MORE MONEY!

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