Malacca Food Trip

23th & 24th July 2012

For the second time, I have ventured into the streets of Malacca in hunt for good food with my friends! First stop for our brunch, and to satisfy my craving for nyonya laksa, Jonker 88!

 Tried one of the "kahwin" dish. Frankly, it was more delicious than the asam laksa itself. But taste more awesome when i add more of my laksa soup to it. Freestyle mixing~ Oh and the durian cendol was !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm salivating right now.

Lao Qian Ice Cafe located in Jonker Street

Must try coffee if you're a coffee lover. A tad bit pricey but it's worth a taste. I ain't a coffee lover, but dang, it DOES taste really good.

What malacca is well-known for
Tried this in a restaurant near the Lao Qian Cafe, which I didn't notice the name of. The food was normal, nothing more to elaborate about.

Everyone ♥

 Next famous hotspot in Malacca, Nadeje

Banyak pose la dua orang ni.

This one also many kind of poses. Hahaha!

Ah en, pang sai ar??? XD

So metrosexual. Sexaaayyy~ :P
Oppa gangnam style~ Heeyyy, sexy lady~


candid gif. Muahaha


[inserted random photo in a random place in this blog post]
Portuguese Settlement
They said it is a perfect place to sit around in the middle of the night to see Ah Piao *just kidding* talk about emo stuffs and enjoy the sea breeze. Which I pray for those who went there, that it won't stink. 

But I know Malacca serve the best unripe mango juice that make you go (>.<)

different style of Rojak
 Dinner at Ole Sayang
Food was.. Okaaaay only
 Next stop, a quite well-known(?) place for snackers. It is located in a back alley near this place....

They said they served the best si hams. I wouldn't know because I don't like cockles. XD

LALA!!! is very nice also

I think the best part is their sauce. *thumbs up*
That was it for the first day of food hunting. We then head to Gogo KTX Box for a series of loud singing session with our very. sore. throats. Thanks to all the foods that we've been taking that day. I can't even sing Listen by Beyonce like I always do. *cries* And then we went back to sleep.

Thanks to Alicia, we had a place to stay over for the night. :D It was very kind of her parents to lend us their relative's house to stay in, since it was empty anyway. Uncle Aunty, thank you very much indeed! 
And the next day, me and Alicia woke up late of course, because we slept at 3am because we were playing the iPad. Got addicted to the singing fatties. :P

Went to Wok and Pan for brunch.
I'm sorry I couldn't remember the name of the dishes since it's been weeks has passed.

Cordon Bleu, not that good in my opinion.
I like this! It's something something chicken? I guess?

Herb-ish pork chop, too much of the sauce made me feel "bleh" but quite nice

The best of all of them, Chef's Fav Pork Chop
Highly recommended.
 For tea time, Klebang Coconut Milkshake

And for our final stop for dinner, Medan Ikan Bakar Muara Sg. Duyung

sakai jumping
Sharing all grandfathers' and grandmothers' stories. lol

Nasi lemak instead of rice

Homemade sauce

Lala again, this taste great! especially the sauce

Fried sotong was good, but was a bit hard to chew on.

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