5/12/13 Mission Q!

Wow, this post is so overdue. 

I'm just gonna post some pictures and stuff from that day. Took our dinner at Asia Cafe before we head out to Mission Q for our first real-life puzzle adventure!

I think it's a growing trend. If you've heard of Escape Room then you'll probably know what this is. Mission Q is similar to that although I have not personally tried the one at Escape Room but I guess they have the same concept except one has more franchise. 

So far, there's 5 rooms to play and they have different difficulties level. 
RM25 for student. RM30 for a normal adult.
Quite pricey if you ask me, but it's really fun and you will get addicted to it once you've tried it!

The three stooges posing for the camera. LOL


Group members of the night!
Pei Wen, Me, SoonEn, Ivan, Thum, and Hau Loong

Although it's blur, I think it's good. Because I look ugly in the other pictures. 

A complimentary Polaroid picture from Mission Q. They'll offer to take one after every game for every team. 

That night we went for 2 rounds of different rooms because it was so fun and something different that we don't normally face in our daily life. We were given a time frame of an hour to solve the puzzles and try to get out. In the first room, we successfully came out in 55 minutes but in the second one, we manage to only solved 75% of the game. But the owner was kind enough to let us solve all of the puzzles before we leave because it was the last slot of the day and we were almost finished. Normally, they would just ask you to stop and come out of the room unless you're really close to escaping the room.

 If you're into solving puzzles and you want to do it with your bare hands instead of tapping on to your phone screen or with a mouse, then you will love this. Apparently, I was having so much fun with the puzzles and I wished I could play all of the room if I have the time... and money! There's so many thing that we've missed when trying to solve them even though they look simple, it's pretty hard to figure them out because most of the time, we thought of them in a too complicated way. 
And also I think I went a little overboard with the game, that I became a very impatient person who shouts at her teammates. LOL! RAWR!

Hoping to go there again and solve the other rooms!

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