Last 48 hours in Penang

It's been almost a week since my last 48 hours in Penang. I was suppose to write this one the night I went back but time doesn't let me. It seems like time passes by way too fast! In a blink of an eye, it's almost a week since the end of my internship. After I came back, I was busy arranging my things after I move back to my mum's and I still haven't completely finish packing yet. It seems like there isn't any space for my stuff because my brother is living here too now since he started his university life. The weekend was spent with my lovesssss. Triple date at Gold Coast Morib, which was... not really what I have expected. Another post to describe that. Last few days, I was busy crocheting a pokemon. I ran out of yarn, so that is on hold for now. Then I spent 2 hours a day for exercise. I also helped my grandma to cook and all that stuff. I haven't even touch my report yet. It's almost the start of my trimester, and still no progress at all in my academic stuff. Oh my..... I need time to stop for awhile. I want to do so much more things. I wanna play my ukulele, read my novels which I haven't been touching for the last 4 months plus, watch running man, etc. Too much to do, just too little time. 

Okay, after that long long long blabber, which doesn't have anything to do with this post. I shall now share some photos and try my best to keep it short and sweet... if possible. Which I doubt it. 

Yes, presentation day was held on the second last day of my intern which is on a Wednesday morning. I was the last one to present. I guess I have to say I did a pretty good job?? As I was making the audience laugh and even manage to have the balls to halt one of the higher-ups from asking me questions during my presentation. Hah... all I have to say is, a bad impression is better than no impression. Just kidding. Better don't learn me unless you want to make more haters or want to lose your jobs instead. As for the contents of my presentation... I don't really know if I successfully interpret what I want to the audience but at least I know what I'm doing. 

Focusing real hard.. trying to, at least. Thanks Pei Ying for the pictures. image

At last, successfully presented all of our presentations. Somehow I feel like this is a poster for a sitcom. "The Interns"?

image The ex-interns are there to support us also! We were graced their presence that day. image

A picture with Florence, the one who guided us in NI.

The engineering females. Who says there aren't any hot girls in engineering field? This picture will surely prove you wrong. image

Super happy and relaxed mode after presentation day. Entering slacking mode. 

And of course picture time before I leave for good. I didn't really made a lot of friends in the company, but I did made a few close one and also some that I could instantly talk more with. What's weird is that most of them are not in the same team with me. Hahaha! Sorry to all the software unkers, maybe it's the age gap. Not to mention that I'm an introvert, when I want to be quiet, I'm really.. really quiet.  

With Kae Vin, the runner. Man, this guy can really run!

Farewell lunch with the software team. I get to eat steak thanks to my super thick faceimage 

Wei Jie, Josh, Angelin, and Kevin K. Kin Weng.. I'm sorry, frankly I don't really talk much to him. I'm well-acquainted with everyone except him but he's there in the picture. I hope he doesn't read this. Whoops. LOL. No hard feelings bro. 

KK, the kid. Don't let his age fool you! 

Angelin is one of the most polite and soft-spoken girl I've ever seen.. I wonder how she does it, I mean we deal with guys everyday, that's a challenge! image

Brian visited my cube too. He is a senior of mine since he studied in MMU before but I've never met him there. I wish you best of luck in NIC! Have a safe flight!

Fei Mah, our "mother". Hahaha! Super active since the interns came in, else he has "no life" as he proclaimed. 

Saikin, Chia Soon and Fei Mah sending me off on my last day. Damn, got people send off some more. Really very damn touched. image 

The last night of my stay in Penang was spent with these lovelies in our favourite Mugshot cafe. Believe it or not, it was our 4th time there in just one month. 
I think I can consider myself very lucky because I thought I would have nobody there in Penang but thank god for friends that are staying and working/studying there. I manage to make some new friends too and not to mention make my friends make new friends too via me. HAHA! Does that make any sense? 

I think I've got two big sister there because Aleena and Yee Vern was always taking care of me when I'm with them. Feel super loved and cared for. I don't know whether I should be happy or sad when Aleena keep feeding me food and snacks every hour of the day even when I'm not hungry. Okay, maybe not every hour, I'm being hyperbolic. Yee Vern, I'll think of you everytime I order laici susu okay? Hahaha! I told you this a few times already, yet I'm not tired of it to type it out again in my blog. 
Weng Seng, I'll see you again in KL so I have nothing to say to you. LOL! As for Wan, Seng's colleague/divemaster/the funny guy I met during my Open Water Dive and I've only known you for 2 weeks... Not much to say too, but you have great taste in music! Eh, next time you two go diving must ajak also okay! 

I didn't really like the two pictures above, but I just felt like posting them up so that you guys can see how deformed my arm looks. Don't ask, I don't know how I did it, I just did. 
Argh, my demonic arms.

Scuba dive wish is Yee Vern's btw! But I guess that applies for all of us at some point?

Seng's first attempt to selfie but was unsuccessful because someone is missing in the picture. 

I've made a gif too! Cute aye? image

Till we meet again aye!

And of course before I leave, like really leave, out of the state, decided to have one last breakfast with mua colleagues at one of my favorite breakfast spot in Bayan Lepas. Sungai Tiram roti bakar! 

And I'm in for a surprise that morning. At first they were going to get a cup that will only show the image imprinted on it if you fill it with hot water. I was not really interested in that because I thought it was quite lame (sorry, but yet I'm not because it IS kinda lame). In the end, PY thought of something so much cooler as our memorable souvenirs gift. A giftset with a photo frame with our group photo and a pouch with some personal notes from anonymous. Well, of course some I think I can guess it's from who. Aw, just adorable!

Everyone gets one with our initials on it. Looking good.

I just figured that I would post all of the notes out just because.. Or maybe if I lost them in the future I can still look back at the virtual copy right here in my blog. And of course, to make a reply to all of the notes! I've written back to all the other interns but I guess it contains too few words because I was rushing since I have to write it out that morning before I drive back to Selangor. 

I think I can hear some of them screaming "Noooooo, Joey!! Why you post this up?!" when they look at this. Oh well. I can do whatever I want because they are mine now. Muahahahaha!

Don't know who wrote this but I guess this is just an Introduction? 

I would guess this is from Joo Han because during the first day of internship, he brought me and Saikin to Jiao Sai to eat mamak food for dinner. He got lost and we wounded up super hungry before we can eat. In the first month of my intern, he was my driver until I got fed up while waiting for him and he just lovesss to take the longer route to everywhere. Joo Han ar, why har? I'm a person who lack of patience. Despite that, I really do appreciate all the help that you gave to me. I know you mean well, but sometimes I just couldn't take wasting time and getting lost all the time. You're a really good friend, if only you would just lose the title of Late&Lost King. I hope you like the change you see in yourself after meeting with us (as you said yourself, you've changed). P.S. Please don't call yourself half Penang lang because that will put the rest of the real Penang lang to shame. 

Tao tia. So poetic this person. Must be from David.. because he's been talking about the colour of the sea all day long today. One of the banana family. You're okay I guess, never really talk much to you though.... No comment?? Awkward, but you're cool. We're cool. *fist bump*

This is also a tough one. I'll have to guess... it's from... Saikin?? 
Saikin, the note that I've written to you is very f*cking short. So here.. Even though we are from the same hometown and same university, I've never really got the chance to know you well enough. You're very good in sports dude, especially when you're playing defence during badminton. I can watch all day long... of course i don't mean that in a creepy way. You're also a person with many pattern yet is mysterious too. All the mysterious calls and disappearance. Wooo...

Some how I feel like all the three notes above is from the same person because of the handwriting. PEI YING!!!! Oh my gawd, can't believe you wrote all of this to me. You can write me a love letter and send it to my mailbox if you want to. Just holler at me and I'll give you my address. Hahaha! I'm lucky to have another female friend among the interns else I don't think I'll go out with the forever alone guys either. I guess this applies to the both of us then! I'm really really happy when I read these and you are just showering me with praises, I paiseh. Yes, even though we just know each other for 3 months, it felt like more than that. I guess it's called "ren yuan". Not sure correct or not since I'm not really good at chinese also. Wahaha!
Hope to see you again soon in a few months time for our trip, my red hot and spicy sista! 

I have to guess this is from Chia Soon? Because I've figured out all the others except this one. My tummy will still be there because good food can be found all over the world. Penang has more yummies only. Heh! You're a talker in real life, I wonder your notes is so short! But anyway, you're a genius with a lot of potential. Good luck in your future! Don't forget us when you get really successful with your mechanical creations! 

Ah yes, the abs in exchange for a burgertory trip deal. Do not forget our deal Fei Mah! At least 6 packs else no burgertory for you! Better hit the gym hard, do more reps and overnight there if you can. 
This emoticon is so cute. Weeeeeeeeee~~!

Josh, this note sounds so distant but it's okay, at least you wrote me something. Stay handsome and happy too! Why did you wrote your name aye?? I thought it should be anonymous. 

I guess that's it for the personal notes. Thanks for the polaroid decoratives too, you guys! Unfortunately, I don't really have a place to hang them because I don't have my own room. The owner of the room I'm currently staying in doesn't really like me hanging my stuff around because of dusts that might caught onto them. I feel like a nomad suddenly. Anyway, I guess I'll hang onto them for awhile. As for the photos, I'll be sure to keep it in my scrapbook. I'll decorate it with all my heart! 

I'm glad I've made the decision to do my internship in a faraway state else I wouldn't have met you guys. I guess choices are really important, as it will affect so many things. The things that I've seen and the lessons that I have learned, the people that I've met and got really close too, the experience that I've made, I will truly cherish them. I'm a happy girl. 
Carpe diem!

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