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Yay! Another post with a journal tag! Not about any food reviews today.  
Picture overload post, if you don't have enough data please don't try to load this page, else don't blame me if you've hit your monthly quota because of this!

Friday, 28 March
Just a group photo of the interns taking the CLAD test (LabVIEW exam from the company). Unfortunately, only two out of seven person passed the test. The others all failed, including me. Not really that big of a deal actually (for me) so whateves I guess.

Monday, 31 March
And I get to have buffet lunch at E&O Hotel, Georgetown because it was one of the team building event. Such a happy kid I am. 

Some epic expressions I get in the photos.. 

And of course, food overload! 
I'm sorry if you're reading this at night and you feel very hungry at this moment. 

Group photo!

And that night, we went out for dinner as it was actually the last day of internship for the INTI students. They had a second round but I didn't join because I wasn't feeling it. #behcham (this is a must use word if you're in Penang especially when you're surrounded with locals) 

Tuesday, 1 April
You've guessed it. It was April's Fool day and I have completely un-noticed it until I got this prank from a certain someone. Too bad, the prankster didn't get the reaction that he wanted because I noticed it in a split second when my mouse didn't work. HA! Take that. 

Tuesday, 8 April 
Our first intern social activity spent on a Friday, it's ESCAPE time babeh!

Joo Han was helping out with the swing but this just look like he was trying to kick Pei Ying out of it. 

David got hurt during one of the rides. Ouch. 

And of course a group picture of the interns and our supervisors/ex-senior-interns

And this is my personal whiteboard that somehow summarize what I'm doing. Don't understand? Don't worry, most of the time, I don't either. 
Ah, this is life. Where you stay clueless for some times until you really connect with things which usually won't happen until a few weeks/months/years later.  

My attempt on working out regularly and eating clean. Wanted to do a more complicated recipe but being in a house where the cooking utensils set is not complete and isn't mine doesn't permit me to do that. I guess I'll try them when I'm back home. Surprisingly, this is kind of fun. Making my own food and going grocery shopping once a week. Unfortunately, my weight is not dropping, something is wrong. Maybe it's because I eat a lot of cakes and desserts also. Oh, bite me.

Everyone's unique posture during pool

Friday, 11 April
Sudden urge to play pool but we couldn't find a much better place for that though so we settled for one of the "dark places" in town. Where all the uncles and smokers gather around and play. Heck, we even got lectured when we were playing. Geez, it's like they didn't respect us as customers, they just treat us as some annoying kids who would destroy their stuffs or something. Never ever going there again. 

Saturday, 12 April
There's some Lego Mentorship happening in some of the Penang schoold and NI was one of the company which is involved too. Lucky for us, we have a chance to check things out at SMK Union. Thanks to Tung Loon for that! Reliving our childhood favourite past time except it gets much more complicated and a lot of high tech-y thingamajig was involved AND it's programmable. How cool is that?!?! Man, I wish my school was as awesome as the schools here. 
Funny thing was, we were suppose to help out but I think the students don't even need any. So, we went on and did our own things. Buat kepo sajeimage

Went for karaoke session again after our "mentor-ing" and lunch. It seems like this happens every month. Wow, but I guess they have much cheaper rates than in KL. RM16.50 for 3 hours session on a Saturday!

Sunday, 12 April
Went to Balik Pulau for some awesome laksa. Originally wanted to try Kim Laksa but the shop wasn't open that day because the wife of the shopowner got sick and so it was closed off for the day. What a bummer. But we get to try a very local laksa place situated behind a school. I bet you wouldn't find it unless you have a local to guide you there. The road to the shop/house is so damn unnoticeable. Waze won't even help because the road is not on the map. It's too ulu but the laksa was just too awesome! Sorry for not posting any pictures of the place. I'll post that up in another blog entry where I will condensed a whole list of restaurants that I have visited in Penang. 

Drove all the way to the south of the island after having our brunch in Balik Pulau. I can't remember the name of the place, but I think it's called Betong or something according to the map. 

A rare sight of skinny cows walking up the hill. 

Had a road trip using another route to Georgetown which was quite interesting. The view was somewhat amazing, it's like a whole new side of Penang. Though not recommended for people who can get car sick easily because of the hilly road. Some how I felt it is one of those must-do things, at least once in a lifetime?

Selfies selfies selfies
Let me have my moment of vanity please. 

We passed by the dam also and the view is quite breath-taking. Then we went around to eat eat eat and eat (not included in this post).

Saturday, 19 April & Sunday, 20 April
We spent the weekend in INTI for a two days workshop. It's quite a challenge and it felt so rushed out. I didn't even do much actually but it was kind of fun. Just hope that the event would have adequate equipments in the future. Honestly it was a little boring so I did some other things like writing some food reviews during that workshop, but mostly on the first day only while the others were busy building the robot. 

We're Team 14!

Our cute little Arduino UNO and mini breadboard. 
Second day was much more hectic as the robot was out and it was my time to tweak around with the programming part. Luckily the programming language wasn't very complicated but then I was having a lot of problems with it. A lot of things wasn't working right because of the + and - wire thing. Oh, we shorted the battery twice so like.. we burned 4 wires. Great experience. 
image image

Our team members

Our little weird eye baby. 
Which we wanted to call Joohanbot, because it reminds us of  him. Clueless and slow. HAHAHA! I bet he's all image when he read this. 

Hmm.. I wonder where this polaroid is. Have you found it yet Pei Ying??

Prettiest certificate I've ever gotten.

Mentor for the weekend, Winston, was an ex-MMUian also. 

and Ken was there too!

And here are the pictures of us taken from the staffs/voluteers/photographers. Credits to Penang Science Cluster and Makeweekend facebook pages. 

Look so pro in this picture. Hahaha!

100 participants were there!

Tuesday, 22 April
The day that my water bottle died. RIP. 
I can't believe I wrecked a water bottle and it was a Nike bottle which I bought when it was on sales. It didn't even last for a year, just a few months. I'm not sure if I'm being too clumsy with it or that it is a rejected product which has some kind of defect and that is why it was on sale. Sad. Gonna have to buy a new one?

25 April
Went back to Selangor again to attend a run (even though it was my brother's birthday on the day that I went back but my main purpose wasn't for him*oh burn brother*). Ha, it's funny because I've told people like a thousand that I wouldn't go back for the whole 3 months but then in reality, I went back at least once a month. I guess things doesn't always go as planned. 

How lucky of him to have Emma Watson celebrating with him too. 

Mum's homemade pavlova as his birthday cake

Made this gif file because the photographer took a burst shot of us because we couldn't stay still

and another one

This picture would look so good if there's nobody showing off their sexy leg in the background.

26 May
Satisfied my inner foodie with a visit to Sri Nirwana Maju. I've been longing for banana leaf rice and I'm still craving for them right now while I'm typing this down. Oh, they are so SO good. 

27 May
The day we Run 4 Peace! 

Aleena and I just went for the 5.5km fun run instead of the 10km run since we can get a medal also. HAHAHA! I wasn't confident although I've ran 10km before (without training which is worse) so I guess you can say this is one of my stepping stone. 

I don't know why, but Aleena looks really funny here because it reminded me of how she posed when I was taking this picture. Hahaha. 

Random pictures of souvenirs from colleague who just came back from Austine. The Robin Eggs candy was awesome! I was so hooked on it. I wish they sell this in Malaysia. 

Presenting Kae Vin the photobomber

30 April
Wednesday movie night with colleagues, and 19 people were there! Wow, what a number. It was Labour Day the next day so we all went for a late night movie session. Spiderman 2 wasn't that great but at least we had good company. 

Our "Miss NI" waving proudly at the audience with his prized popcorn and soda in his other hand. 

There's a missing person in the picture because he was taking this photo. Well, too bad for him. Sorry!

And that summed up my April.
Looking forward to May because I have a lot of things going on this month! I'm gonna be busier than ever. Will have a lot of late blog post but it's okay, not much people read them anyway. *sour laugh*

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