12/4/14 Moontree 47, Georgetown

I was craving for some good old fashioned western styled breakfast and that led us to this place. The cafe was pretty hard to spot. We passed by (while sitting inside the car) twice but still can't pinpoint the exact location. Since the street has limited parking, we decided to just park at a spot and then hunt on foot. 
Funny story was that we were trying to spot the number "47" as the buildings were suppose to be sorted by numbers right? But then when I came to number 46, it skipped to 48. Then I had to ask around. Lucky for us, this other shop's shopkeeper were friendly enough to show us where it is. 

Turns out it's just beside the Camera Museum. They sell postcards and souvenirs too. Wanted to buy one and post it back home but due to some time constraint, we had to leave straight-away after our breakfast.

A little "Alice in the Wonderland" feel and look here with all the clocks. 

It feels pretty comfy and I was surprised that not many people are up and awake to get breakfast here but then this is a good thing also I guess, because it felt calm and quiet which goes really well with the settings.

If you are a cat person, be sure to spot a sleeping cat there. Man, that cat really can sleep! It won't even budge when I shook him. 

Feast your eyes on the menu! Thank me later. 

Mezzo mezzo (Hot mocha), RM12
Finally, I ordered a caffeine drink. It was morning so I guess I wouldn't have trouble sleeping at night as the effect will wear off during the day. Unfortunately, I didn't like it because.. it tasted too diluted and doesn't even taste like mocha. Not my "cup of coffee".

Farmer's Egg Gratin, RM15
Totally loved this, nothing beats an awesome breakfast. It's a shame that the portion isn't bigger than this, couldn't get enough of it. 

Good Morning, RM20
Can you tell me how good looking this plate of food looks?

Sun Kiss Toast, RM10
For people with sweet tooth who would like their toast served with ice cream and a touch of citrus-y orange.

Rating | 8/10
This place offers a peace and quiet ambiance and it somewhat feels a bit like my old home, felt nostalgic suddenly. Totally love the concept and felt super comfy sitting there. The food that they served are quite delicious as well but wouldn't say the same towards the drinks that they served, most of them are very diluted. Would love to come back here again for another weekend breakfast. 
P.S. Moon Tree also offers a place to stay, please feel free to click on this link to check them out.

47 Muntri Street,
10200 Georgetown, Penang 
Phone | 04-264 4021
Opening Hours | Thursday to Tuesday 9am - 7pm
Closed on Wednesday

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