March Life Updates

I don't usually write a journal post but when I do, I write a summary of a month of my life. Today is March Edition! Since it's the end of the month THE BEGINNING of April already. *Yes, I have been procrastinating this post for a really really long duration* So, as I said, I am going through my intern-ship in Penang from March till May. (Read more about my first week here. It seems like it has a lot of hits when I posted this! Many said that I was praising the company too much. Hahaha.) The first month was... fun and... new... but I think I'm the laziest among all the interns here. OH LOL, and not to mention I'm still very blur in my work 

The three "Senior Interns" who has finished their internship on the 31st of March. Joo Han, Jia Yong and Pei Ying. Even though we just knew each other for just awhile, it seems like we clique rather fast. There's still two other MMU interns, which we accidentally boycotted (not intentionally, but accidentally) because their cubes were too far away from us, so we didn't really mix around until after a few days later. Sorry Chia Soon and David. 

Saikin too embarrassed to pose with our Lost King, Joo Han.
7th March - Movie night with the colleagues. And we're watching 300! Our first movie session together. And unfortunately, I slept inside the cinema. Blood and gore? Not my thing.  

Guys and cars. I still don't get it.

11th March - Intern Initiation Lunch Session at Morganfields! Wow, I feel honoured suddenly. 

Me and the rest of the software team. The youngest and the only female. image

Not forgetting some facetime sesh with love. image
This only happens when both of us are crashing at our friends' house which has better wi-fi coverage. LOL. 

I thought I have lost my bottle, and there it is in the lobby. Found by them after I have complained and whined about it during lunch. Wow, magic. image

*Let me take a #selfie* 
Random selfie taken during our journey to badminton court which is held on every Wednesday. Getting my "healthy" on.

14th March - TGIF with colleagues again minus Saikin who went back to KL. Curry mee along Chulia Street and late night bowling session at Penang Bowl.

15th March - It's the weekend! Karaoke day at Gurney Plaza! 

Another random selfie, in the acrobatic room(?)

18th March - REH Team Building day. Yes, a free half day for the team to go and play something fun! Break the Code session.

Everyone is having fun with their costumes.

NI-nians, pros in photobombing. Let me show you what I mean..
Photobombing #1 by Tony
Photobombing #2 by Josh
Photobombing #3 by Kevin

Photobombing #4 Kae Vin and he has been there since #2. Hahaha!
REH team group photo

My team for Break The Code group photo. Okay, I look like I'm photobombing this time. 
It's quite challenging and it's not my first time playing this kind of "Escape" games, but still, it is interesting too. My team managed to escape the second room with 20 mins left. I think we're the only team that managed to get pass a room. Wow, so proud of ourselves. Haha! 

The Interns!

18th March - Late night yumcha session at Playground Cafe. 

Mille Crepe is very common in Penang. Can find it almost everywhere in town.

The female interns.
Luckily there is another female intern with. Else without Pei Ying, I think I'm gonna be so much more "beh cham" already. Hahaha! It's kinda sad that they have finished their intern so soon. 

25th March - Treasure Hunt Day! 
Incorporating the selfie culture during work hours too. Hin ar.

You wouldn't believe what we went through. We had to walk all around the NI ground for all of the clues. Still, it is very fun and I loike stimulating my brain with puzzlesssss.... Muahahaha. 

The fellow interns and their partners (except David, the lone ranger)
But too bad, we got the 4th place because we were not the first one to arrive at the Grand Finale Venue. 

You cannot officially end an event without taking a snap of everyone in a picture. 

21st March - It's Friday again and we've been K-lunching in the afternoon. Wow, TGIF at it's best!

Getting sentimental on a Sunday evening. Haha.

And it's NI Cinema time, screening Frozen at 9pm. Tickets are limited, be sure to buy yours fast before it sells out. 

22nd March - Saturday morning breakfast is heaven. I'm hooked on Sg. Tiram's Roti Bakar. 

Grocery shopping with the two kakaks, as they were cooking dinner at home and I was invited/self-invited that night. 

23rd March - On Sunday, went to Beach Street for family day event and wanted to donate blood but unfortunately I didn't pass the test. They gave me vitamins but ended up I just manage to eat 3 pills since then.... I should put an alarm to remind me of them. 

And in the evening, went to town again for some vintage bicycle time around Heritage Trail which was quite surprising. I usually drive around town to look at the sceneries. It's a totally different perspective with a bicycle though. Would love to cycle again, hope the traffic isn't that bad though. We cycled from evening till night time, which was quite dangerous but still, it's loads of fun. 

Will post another post about that day because I have A. LOT. of pictures to go through and wouldn't wanna condense it all in here. 

And also somebody's big day, which made me went back to Selangor suddenly. image
But I'm glad I did. image

It's already 1/3 of my intern-ship right now. Time flies. 
I think I will end my post here. Yes, it's very short. My blog is going to get very boring. Now I understand why the other bloggers went to hiatus mode when they start working. Huhu! The more I drag a post, the less I have to say about it I guess. 

Kay kay. Ciao now!

P.S. If you caught any typos or grammatical error, just ignore it. If you understand what I want to say, then that's more than enough. Don't be a grammar nazi. 

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