10/4/14 55 Cafe & Restaurant, Georgetown

It was Thursday and it seems like I was catching the early TGIF fever. It's always better to go to town on a week day night (except Friday) because there's not much traffic jam.

It seems like 55 Cafe is one of the most popular cafes in town. So, let's see what's my verdict. The place was still full with people even though it was already 9.30pm when I reached there and people keep coming in after that. The kitchen closes at 10.30pm by the way. 

In my honest opinion, I think they overcharge their customers. The price of the food and also desserts were unbelievably high even though it is just another coffee shop in Penang.

Carbonara, RM29
Decided to order carbonara because it was recommended by a lot of people. It was very creamy, love the sauce. Even the presentation of the dish was really good. 

Hazelnut Chocolate, RM12
Sorry folks, no 3D coffee foam art. We wanted to, but we had to wait an hour plus for that to happen. Obviously, we didn't had the time but of course it doesn't have much impact on the taste of the chocolate drink. It was normal, nothing much to say about it. 

Tiramisu, RM15
Yes, finally found a tiramisu with a hint of rum. I've eaten a few tiramisu cakes but never found one that has alcohol in it. Not the best that I have had but it was pretty good.

Rating | 7/10
The food that they served tasted a little above average than the norms, but not something that I would go "Oh, I want to go there and have that again". I don't know why but I was really taken aback by the price because it was a tad bit higher than most of the shops here in Penang (and also KL). I think the cafe is popular for it's 3D art cafe and that's what attracts the customers, I guess? As for me, one visit is enough even though I didn't get the chance to take a picture of the foam art.

55, Lorong Stewart, 
10300 Penang, Malaysia
Phone | 04-262 2611
Opening Hours | Everyday 8.30am - 10.30pm

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