11/4/14 The Little Big Cafe, Georgetown

Friday night and we're out hunting for a new place for dinner again! Pei Ying introduced us to a popular burger joint in town and she claims that they serves the best charcoal burger in town. 

The place look kind of cool. It was a shame that we had to sit at the barrel table because it was very uncomfortable for me. Didn't know how to positions my legs while sitting on the stool.

The menu on the wall. 

The cashier area

Just chillin

A3 Pork & Egg Dilemma, RM15.80

B2 Black 505, RM15.80
Apparently the charcoal bun was sold out so we had to choose either muffin bun or ???(my memory is very bad, I think it's normal bun but I'm still not sure). So I chose the muffin one and this was it. As for the burger, it's nothing special I guess because I've tasted better and unique ones back in Subang Jaya. I liked the muffin bun though but not the beef patty.. 

Rating | 5/10
I tend to compare food that I've tasted before so I guess this was not a good one for me as I had tasted much better burgers in a lot of burger joint before, especially in SS15. Sorry guys, but this was not satisfactory for me.

14, Nagore Road (Near New World Park),
10050 Georgetown, Penang.
Opening Hours | Thursday to Tuesday 6pm - 11pm 
Closed on Wednesday

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