9/4/14 De Moonlight, Georgetown

De Moonlight was having a voucher sale on Living Social and when Aleena asked whether if I'm up for it, I took up on her offer. I'm on an expedition to explore as many coffee shops in Penang anyway. De Moonlight cafe was rather new in the area as I heard and it is a very small cafe.

A mural near the entrance of the place. 

A mixture of hipster + vintage interior

The back room

The famous painting that everyone has been taking photos of...

Unfortunately, pictures are just pictures. When you see it in reality, you wouldn't feel like sitting there because the seatings were just next to the kitchen which felt a bit warmer than usual and the smell of wok fire is overpowering behind there.

The table was quite cool as you can see, there are keys spread out for display. 

As for the menu, somehow I felt like it lacks of choices.

Hot Chocolate, RM8
Ordinary diluted chocolate drink.

Peach Tea, RM7
Not much to say about this either. It's.... peachy I guess?

Tiramisu, RM10
We heard it was one of the must try thing in De Moonlight. Although when we tried it, it wasn't anything much. The main highlight was actually the peanut butter ice cream. Goes really well with the cake and also the main reason for me to not stop eating at the first bite. 

Egg Mayo & Cheese, RM9
I was having a tough time with the sandwich as the yummy bits keep falling apart on me. I guess I have a hole in my mouth. This was quite nice in my opinion, enjoyed it. 

Fish & Chips, RM18
I was expecting a crispy battered fish fillet but then I found myself shoving soggy and too soft thing in my mouth, I find it very weird. Very very weird. Even the fries feels soggy. Not ordering this ever again. 

Rating | 5/10
I initially thought I would find some really good things here but I let myself down with my high expectation. The food was kind of pricey considering the quality of the food that they served. The cafe itself was very quiet and somehow the street looks like a ghost town when we came here on a weekday night. A perfect place for a secret rendezvous, I guess?  I'm not sure this happens during the weekend too or not. The cafe close down pretty early too. I felt pressured to leave when they asked us to clear our bills at around 8.30pm. Not much here, the only thing that I can recommend is the sandwich and that's it. 

De Moonlight
No. 316 Lebuh Pantai, 
10300 George Town, Penang. 
Phone |  016 486 9668
Opening Hours | Monday to Friday 11am - 9pm
Saturday & Sunday 10am - 10pm

Let's end this post with a picture of my "coffee-shop hunting partner"! I bet you guys are getting sick of my own selfies anyway. Hahaha. 

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