Love's birthday X Antipodean, Bangsar

It's Thursday night... and it's just a few days to go till his birthday. I wasn't planning on going back to Selangor for it.. (which I think is quite mean. Only realizing it when I typed this down) until Weng Seng told me that he's driving back to KL after his work on Friday. Opportunity has presents itself right in front of my goddamn door. Suddenly, the urge to follow him back becomes so strong that I just decided to just do it. I'll follow him back and celebrate the big boy's birthday. The only problem was that, I told my dear that I wasn't going back to celebrate his birthday with him and there was going to be no surprises (at least, that's what I thought at that time). He made plans and I (would rather not think that I) had screw up his plans for the weekend. 
As a girl, I was a bit emotional for awhile and got into a very conflicted state with myself because of the last minute transportation problem and also about his plans. In the end, I did it anyway. I went back to see him. Even though he complains about my last minute changes (which actually discouraged me to go back), he still told me to just come back and that is that. 

Thanks to Weng Seng for the ride home. It was a 5 hour drive from Penang to KL. I was lucky because I actually slept right through the journey.

It was already 11pm plus when he arrived to fetch me from WS's house. 
It's been a long time since I last felt that nagging feeling to want to meet someone that badly. Being apart for a month physically. It wasn't our first time being apart for a period of time. It's just that I took it easier last time because we just started officially dating when he left for work in Singapore. I tried to occupy myself with things to do during the weekend so that I don't feel that awful. I've always spent my weekend with him, almost every week. It felt weird without him next to me on a Saturday or Sunday for a month. It feels so darn good to finally being able to feel a loved one's warm touch or embrace after I've been alone for some time. Butterfly fluttering in my stomach constantly on that night.

Wow, I make it sound like my 1 month = 6 months. 
I'm just feeling a little poetic and romantic today, so bear with me although it's not my usual style. 

We went to Antipodean for some healthy brunch. It was almost 11am when we ordered our food, thank goodness we made it just in time before they change the breakfast menu. 


Menu on the wall. Be sure to take a good look at it before you sit down! I noticed that the waiters some times get pretty impatient when waiting for us to order but they do it in a polite way, which was acceptable and understandable. The place weren't too big so there were limited seats available and obviously, not enough for a weekend morning. Though the queue for a table for two definitely requires less waiting time. 

A weird photo of the counter/the interior. I'm sorry for the bad picture.

Food arrived quite fast. We were preoccupied with taking pictures, maybe that is why it didn't feel like we were waiting much.

Eggs Malborough with Salmon, RM23
I ordered egg benedict originally, but I guess they heard wrongly. Despite that, I didn't regret they made that mistake though. I love salmon, it wasn't too salty like how I was afraid it would. I just love the runny egg texture on the bread with the combination of slightly salted salmon. Oh nom nom nom.

Big Breakfast, RM20
Almost every table has this big platter of goodness. Even though it looked ordinary, it doesn't taste ordinary. Well, unless you're a superb cook at home, so in that case you can do this at home. I was falling head over heels for the mushrooms and mash potatoes! The scrambled egg was fluffy and no overpowering butter taste, just how we love it. 

Rating | 9/10
I heard the place was overrated but I don't think so. It's definitely a good place to spend on eating healthy and delicious food!

20, Jalan Telawi 2, 
59100 Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur
Phone | 03-2282 0411
Opening Hours | Sunday to Thursday 8am-10pm
Friday to Saturday 8am-11pm

How lucky for ME and how unlucky for HIM to have our car parked in the alley near Dipndip. Have been craving so much for the super melty triple chocolate on crepe ever since my first and last visit.
So much for dieting. Hahaha!

Incredibly irresistible selfies of ourselves. Haha!

After our brunch and dessert, we went to do a little shopping and a quick meet up with some friends. Took a polaroid group picture but too bad, I didn't take a picture of that polaroid picaz! 

Finally, our last place of the day. Burgertory. Celebrating with his family.

A very special fuwa fuwa birthday buns for the birthday boy! 

All I can tell you is, a lot of pictures were taken that day until he got fed up with it!
No pictures of the burgers were taken with my phone though. But I swear, the burgers were incredible. I'm definitely going back there again for some super awesome juicy burgers and definitely do a review on it.

The DIY birthday card given with his gift which is a GoPro. 
He's been talking a lot about it for as long as I can remember, decided to assemble an "army" to buy it for him. 

I'm very glad that you loved it dear, although you kinda spoil your own surprise. Well, at least you were speechless when the surprise was spoiled. Guess it's not completely ruined. Have fun with your little toy and remember all of us every time you use it. Hahaha!

Hope you had a great time for your birthday this year. Well, of course you did, I mean how many celebrations have you had thus far? A number far greater than an ordinary human I bet. LOL. Instagram says it all. 
I hope everything goes well in your way and may there be heaps of happiness befalls on you every single day. 

Thanks for sending me off on your birthday although I feel reluctant to. 
See you again soon! Which is in... a few weeks time. 

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