3/4/14 Eastern Wishes, Bayan Lepas & Coffee Element #2, Ayer Hitam

Here's a funny story. I actually planned to eat at Eastern Wishes for a really long time. And for two times when I wanna eat there on those fateful night, it's closed. They're closed every Monday, and I do my best to forget that. Maybe it's the effect of Monday blues. But finally, I can haz them foooddddddssssssss! If you don't know already, I simply love Thai foods! 

Tabtim Grob, RM3.50
When I first heard about the comments from my friends, I have mixed feelings about it. Some of my friend say it's terrible, some said it was really good. When I tried it, I thought it was great and I understand why some people don't like it. It's because of the jack-fruit taste. I actually wouldn't choose to eat jack-fruit even if it's sitting in front of me but this isn't half bad. 

Cendul, RM3.50
Sorry for the diluted cendul picture. They put a lot of brown sugar and it was a little too sweet for me. If you're in Penang, there's like an overflowing number of great cendul out there.  

Seafood Tomyam Soup, RM20
A must try at every Thai restaurant, IMO. Though it is a little too spicy for me to handle, still worth a try.  

Sambal Petai, RM13
image Recommended image
One of my favourite dish! Can't get enough of these! 

Crispy Black Pepper Squid, RM16
image Recommended image
I have a habit to look at foursquare's tips before I do the ordering and this dish was super recommended. It doesn't look appetizing and it doesn't look like the normal fried squid that we have eaten before... but wait for it... Oh, you're in for a surprise. You don't know how crispy and tasty this is. I've never tasted anything like this! Do try this in your next trip to Eastern Wishes and you'll be grateful for this. 

Vietnam Pork, RM18
I find the pork quite heavily coated with flour which I didn't like. Taste-wise it's sweet and fragrant with serai fragrant. Although it looks really red, it's not spicy. 

Rating | 7/10
Overall, I think just one dish won my heart over, that is the crispy black pepper squid which I think is one of a kind. For the others, it was just a little above average. The restaurant was crawling with people and was quite popular with the locals. I guess it's a common place for everyday dinner. 

i-Avenue (1-1-49), 
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang
Phone | 04 - 641 0191
Opening Hours | Tuesday to Friday 11am - 2.30pm, 5.30pm - 9.30pm 
Saturday & Sunday 11am - 3pm, 5.30pm - 9.30pm 
Closed on Monday

After dinner, went for dessert! We actually wanted to go to Fa Guo Shan but for some reasons... it's closed down that day. My luck with closed shops... But afraid not, there's still a lot of place to hang out in All Seasons Place and we went to Coffee Element as I was determined to go back there again to try their chocolate drinks and also the other cakes. 

Read my first visit & review of this place in this link

Royal Dark & White Chocolate, RM12.50
image Bon Appetit image
The chocolate was actually sitting on top of the table next to the cashier and it caught my eyes. I didn't knew it was my "chocolate drink", I thought the chocolate was for sale, like take-it-and-go way but it's not.

The concept is special I think because I've never had a hot chocolate that actually needs me to melt chocolate into a hot cup of milk. The chocolate is of course handmade. The experience was new and the beverage was more than what I had expected. Love it to the max! Give it a try if you're really into chocolate drinks. 

Orange Lemon Meringue, RM8.50
Yet another orange flavoured cake on the menu. Love the citrusy taste especially in the cream. 

Oreo Cheesecake, RM?? 
Not sure if I like their cheesecake. The cake was too hard and jelly-like for my liking. Taste wise... it's Oreo... Uh.. yeah.

I really like the fact that this place doesn't serve mille crepe like most of the cafes in Penang. Plus, how they serve their chocolate drink is a plus for me too. 

All Seasons Place (6G-2-17 & 6G-AF2-17), 
11500 Air Itam, Penang
Opening Hours | Monday to Thursday 10:30am - 11pm 
Friday 10:30am - 12am 
Saturday 08:30am - 12am 
Sunday 08:30am - 11am

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