23/3/14 Sunday at Beach Street and Cycling at Heritage Trail

Hi, just a random picture of one of the prominent heritage building found during my Sunday visit to Beach Street. It seems like there's Occupy Beach Street Project going on every Sunday where the road will be basically closed off and no transport may enter the street from morning till noon. It's a very nice place to walk along or cycle around with family members or friends. They have pretty rad 2 or 3-seater bicycle which is perfect for family rides.  

Saw this bizarre knife massage thing going on. Weirddd.... but what do I know aye?

The "down head" group.
Aleena, Saikin, Chia Soon and David.
Had breakfast in Old Town. Didn't know what else to eat nearby, so might as well have some classic Asian style breakfast instead. There wasn't much local shop opened early in the morning. 

Actually my main purpose for going to Beach Street is solely for the blood drive event which made me so hyped up to go ever since I saw the activity list for that day. 

But it turns out I couldn't donate any blood because it seems like I don't have enough haemoglobin count in my blood. Aww, I feel dejected. They gave me some vitamin pills which after two weeks, I have only swallowed like 5 times even though I should eat it every single day. I keep forgetting even though I put it somewhere I see every day. 

There's also some doodles on the street which I don't know if it's drawn by some artist or the random kids walking along the streets. 

There's also some street performance.

..and some street performer wearing Chinese stage costume.
I feel so hot just by looking at him, and the sun... the sun was shining so brightly that day.

Group selfie!

Human size snakes and ladder for everyone to play. Saikin was pretty hooked up by the game. Unfortunately we didn't have the time he needed to start from 1 then get to 100. Hahaha.

If you're interested and want to know what's going on, on Beach Street, please visit https://www.facebook.com/occupybeachstreet for more information. 


One of the famous mural wall painting in Penang
In the evening, we were back in Georgetown again for some cycling action around Heritage Trail which was a very well known activity in town during the weekend. We went for mural and food hunting since Penang has abundant of food at every nook and cranny.

This time, we swapped Aleena with Pei Ying. 


An awesome jump shot of Chia Soon

Just a random mural I spotted at a coffee shop. If you watch old HK Chinese comedies movies, you'll definitely know who this pretty girl is. Hahaha! 

Us and our rides!

A very funny gif made because the uncle who was helping us to take our photo didn't realize that he's taking burst shots with the iPhone. Hahaha. So this was born. Haha, Saikin was directing him to take the pictures. I was...... imitating a dog panting.


The numbered Asian selfie challenge! It was suppose to go up untill 10 but they stopped at 5. Still, points for them because they still did the pose for us. Exclude Saikin. You'll see why.

Lol.. Dahell..

At Chew Jetty. 
A piece of advice, if you're cycling here, please leave your bicycle outside the entrance because bicycles are prohibited in there. We didn't know about it until we were almost at the end of the jetty when an aunty voiced out her dissatisfaction towards young law-breakers nowadays(which was us) to us. 

At Hean Boo Thean Temple
which is situated in a quite remote place that I will never think of cycling to because the pathway to the temple is very small and it's inside residence area. 

We cycled quite far away actually. From Armenian Street till Sungai Pinang, this is the power of youth!

And we're back to the famous bicycle riding kids mural again. 

The wind decides to ruin our hair suddenly. 

Bido bido bido...

I'm the photobomber. Haha.

This is where we actually rent our bicycles, it's along Armenian street. Yes, it's the shop next to these murals. They have ample bicycles to rent out, so don't worry about "never finding the one for you". It costs us RM10 for each bicycle rental and you can ride it all day long until midnight which was really cheap, in my opinion. 

Lastly, our last stop of the day, Pulau Tikus Market Hawker Stalls for some awesome lok lok time. Oh my calories. Heck, was too hungry to think so I guiltily chomped down the food. 

And that is all! 
Heck, it actually took me 2 weeks to write this!??!? Oh, Christ. 

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