13-Dec-15 | Team building, Marcus & Sue's Wed, Christmas lights, Star Wars at VivoCity

It's been quite awhile since I last created a new post! Well, after my training, I was so busy. I guess that is the price I need to pay. It's no joke, it's so fast-paced. I was always the one who got out of office on the dot, but now, I am starting to take the taxi back after 8.30pm (only for a few days so far). Now, I feel it. Work rush. Especially when I read e-mails that has the word "ASAP" and "immediately", hohmygawdstress.

Team-building day

Anyway, last Friday was our team-building day. I have had this post in my draft for a few weeks now, time is such a confusing thing.

Okay, back to team building. It's a day where I get to know more about my team. Not everyone, but it did help me talk to more people working on the same floor and department as me. Now... to remember their names. LOL.

Lol, Khayae is so funny in this picture. Hahaha!

First time kayaking!

Me and ma partner

The amazing view of Singapore skyscrapers. 

"Yay! Food! FINALLY!" lol

Went to Kallang for some Kayak-ing actions! Thanks to Gino for the pictures. They are amazing. 
P.S. I am only checking out the photos one week later, it was already sent to us on the next working day but... I just... I don't know why I didn't check this out sooner. Too busy being a temporary lifeless workaholic.

Marcus & Sue's Wedding

And in the weekend, we attended Cttart and Sue Jinn's wedding dinner night. Congrats to the most beautiful lady and the handsomest gentleman of the night!  



With all the beautiful ladies. hahaha. 

Group picture with the bride! I don't know where the groom has gone to though. Hahaha. 

Christmas deco in the city of Singapore
This title sound so tourist-ish. 

Half-day town hall meeting, all the way to Expo. It's a long way from home. 
It was Friday, and it was just a random thing. Me and my colleagues (Muhammad & Ivan) decided to go walk around the city to catch a glimpse of the Christmas decoration around Singapore city centre. Our first stop was MTR in Little India, for dinner. Famous for Indian food. The menu is very extensive, plenty of choice to choose from and some things were very unfamiliar to me. Now, I can try more authentic Indian food! Then we stopped by at City Square mall... and got snow-bubbled.
Yeah, snow-bubbled.  

This is what I mean by snow-bubbled..
Jeez, Singaporean kids live a happy life here (well, maybe not actually... but some part I guess). I can see that there are actually a lot of events and activities that are catered for children. E.g. This Spongebob and family Christmas event.

Next stop, Orchard Road

pretty impressive lighting at ION


Risking our life for this photo. But it turns out blurry. LOL!
"Blame the photographer" 
Excuse me for dressing and looking like an aunty. I am not managing my fashion sense and hair very well these days. Girl has no proper mirror in the room. [add more reasons here] 
Actually, we all look like bangla workers. I joke. I joke. 

Choose your side. 

In case you don't know (jakun), Star wars is coming out soon. You know it when you see Star Wars everywhere you go. Fashion brand X Star wars, star wars phone case on sale, Star Wars lego, Star Wars exhibition and events, storm-trooper in yo face, and etc. It's like a Star Wars Christmas this year. VivoCity has this event going on, it's pretty awesome I think even though I ain't a SW fanatic. The stuff they have there are pretty cool to look at. 

The iconic Storm-Trooper

Sorry, I don't know who this person stuck to the metal thingy is. 
Confession: I tried to watch a marathon of Star Wars movie with le bf but... I just can't seem to know what the hype is about. After 20-30 mins into the first movie, I gave up. HAHAHA. 

Satay by the Bay

No, it's not a joke. It's real. It's just next to Gardens by the Bay. The food-court name is pretty catchy. Hahaha. 

And another Friday is here. Another touristy trip with colleague. And I found another shop selling middle eastern food here! The hummus & bread and falafel is amazing! But not the Pide. Nope. Too bad they were not serving kunefe. They have it on the menu but for some reason, they were not serving it. The shop is pretty popular as many people were queuing up at the shop. I can understand why. As for the satay, it was quite nice. Somehow I prefer the chicken one to the beef and the prawn wasn't very fresh I think. It's hard to peel the shell off. *Throwing some random food comment here and there*

Too dark, can't see. LOL
Looks more Indian-ish than Christian-ish. :X

The tree looks amazing. 


I was bragging about my Iphone's camera at this moment when I see this actually. Because both of them were using non-Apple phone (boycott iPhone because too mainstream they say LOL) and I remember being frustrated by their slow camera processing speed. HAHAHA.

They have this huge mirror illusion set-up for picture taking. It was pretty awesome actually! Just that I feel embarrassed to be one of the people who queue up to take the photo. I cannot lah. But it looks very impressive lah.  

it's a ice-skating rink! YES! You can skate at Gardens by the Bay this month! 

Eating-the-light-bulb-illusion FAILED. Super phail man. 
I was laughing out loud like a mad lady by this moment. 
The cameraman and the model was not in sync. Hahaha. 

but they gradually get better at it. 
and Mu made me pose for a depressing photo by the light... so random man. 
Okay, that sums up my interesting highlights for the past 2-3 weeks. From weekly updates to monthly updates. Time is a cruel thing. 

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