21-Jan-17 | DIY hair dyeing, Gathering dinner, Afghan cookies, Bathing my cat


Went to this really good Chinese restaurant that serves China's style cooked fish the other day with my colleague. It was unexpected good. If you have a chance, try the salted vegetable styled fish and order the "fruit fish", the meat was so smooth. 

So, last weekend I tried to dye my hair grey colour by myself, and it didn't really work out too well. HAHAHA. Well, I had to bleach my hair first, I did and surprisingly, my black hair bleached out quite quickly, but my bleached hair seems very resistant to change. Meh.. I don't have enough bleach, which is reallly bad. I ended up with half of my black hair becoming bleached all the way, and the other half is a bit brown. Lol. Then came the toning process. I applied to the back of my hair first, should have done it the other way and start with the front and outer hair. Because now my hair is half blonde and half grey. Gonna fix it tomorrow and see how it goes with the help of my man. I hope it turns out better this time. 


Had a pre-CNY gathering with everyone. It's been a long time since we had a dinner together with this number of people. We also had lou sang, a must for Chinese New Year celebration. Also, in the first picture, we were forced to pose for an ad because I think the boss gave some discount if we did that or something. Idk, I was just reluctant to. Lol. 


Made some Afghan biscuit and shared it with colleagues. Have been wanting to make them for quite awhile now, ever since our trip to Goldcoast. I had my very first Afghan biscuit there, I bought them in a night market near where we stayed. It was so good, I thought to myself that I need to remake this when I get home! After half a year, I finally made them. Loved it. 

If you are keen on doing it to, here is the link to the recipe  I added more cornflakes and less sugar. As for the chocolate icing, I had to improvised, because the ingredient part did not state the chocolate icing part so I missed it. I made a simple one with butter, sugar, cocoa powder and water. It turns out well though, lucky for me. 

Added a "balcony" for my cats. They kept climbing the window these days and I caught Grey constantly sitting on my storage stuff which I originally fixed on the window. I figured that it was time to put some basket there so that they can sit there and gaze out the window. So, I went to Daiso to find something suitable (for now) and installed it on the window. Lucky I had some rope around to tie it together. Ever since then, they have been sitting there, enjoying the view. Especially Bianca, I always see her sitting there in the morning. The weird thing is, I tried to take her out for walks, but she refused to and meow-ed loudly as if she's trying to say "I DONT WANNA GO". The other day she managed to jump off from my shoulder when I took her out and she just dashed into the house. She like to stare at the world but don't want anything to do with it. #life #omgthatsoundslikeme

Finally gave Grey a nice shower. Bianca had her weeks ago because she has been developing this black spots on her chin because of her gluttony. Every single food she sees, she wants some of it. Whereas Grey is a little more of a picky eater. Today, Grey started to smell a bit odd, so I thought it was time for him to get his first bath. I am not sure why he started to smell, but he has been lying on the toilet floor and sink constantly. Maybe that's why. It's dirty I know, but they keep dashing into the toilet even when it's wet! And you think they would want to avoid water...... The toilet in my rented place don't get sunlight so it's a thriving place for dirty stuff. :( God, who made this architecture. 

But anyway, he kicked up quite a fuss when I put him in a basin of water. So, I had to try another method. Turns out he was more acceptable when I gave him a shower instead. He did try to run but not that much.

Claws..... nightmare.


My first digital drawing! And I finally got an iPad Pro for myself. I have been wanting to buy a gadget that I can use so that I can blog on the go. Now, I can blog and draw! WOOHOO! Actually I have been pondering if I should get a Macbook or an iPad. In the end, the small iPad won me over. So excited to see what I can do with it! Currently I am typing this down on my iPad, it's actually very comfortable to type on the small keyboard. I was quite anxious about using it since I was used to bigger keyboard before I bought it. But it seems like this is not a problem. Heh. 

I hope 2017 will be a productive year for me with this investment! 

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