Christmas Break, Otaku mode on

I had a nice Christmas/New Year break from work last month, as I took a long one week break from work. We were attending a wedding dinner in Temerloh (his relatives'), so I was planning we could go somewhere near there. It was a good chance for me to explore more of Malaysia, my own home country. When I think about it, it's quite funny when I was thinking where to go, and most of them are overseas, whereas foreigners are finding where to go in Malaysia. Then I realize, other than Malacca, Penang, Ipoh, Langkawi, Sabah, KL and my hometown, there are still a lot of places I haven't been to. 

So, I booked 2 nights at Time Capsule Sg. Lembing, it was in my to-go list after I saw a friend posted some pictures from his trip. Then, we went on a roadtrip to Kuantan, Chukai, Cherating, and Sg. Lembing. We ate so much nice food, and enjoyed our time with nature.

I made my first travel vlog in this trip! It was pretty awkward actually, I mean I had too keep holding onto my phone and record all the stuff, but I ended up using only a few parts. And it's so difficult to speak to the camera and pretend like it's somebody. HAH. I might slur a little too, because I don't know what to say. Basically, I am just video shy (I can't say I am camera shy, because I am not). 
But unexpectedly, I had fun making it. Although not so much fun during filming because of the awkwardness. The editing is enjoyable. I only made the first part of the trip so far, Let's see if I can finish the second on this weekend. And then I'll post another blog post about it.

I don't know why but I was really hooked up on reading manga last month. And I manage to finish reading two. HAH. I will also share about the anime title that I have watched or watching right now. 

Hana Yuri Dango
I am sure everyone knows this.. Well, maybe not the manga but maybe the title. If you know F4, then you'll know what I am talking about. The real-life drama is a hot topic and I believe there are 3 versions of it as of now. Taiwanese version (2001) which they change the name to Meteor Garden *it was the craze in my primary school life okay, oh my god, I think I can hear the theme song playing in my head right now*, Japanese version (2005), and Korean version (2009) *Lee Min Ho as the lead*. Honestly speaking, the story is a bit... ridiculous, childish and daydream like... but it is still damn popular. LOL. AND I still manage to finish it. DOUBLE LOL. Well, I did skim some part, but still.

Anyway, if you're into innocent and pure love kind of story, you can give it a try.

Mahou Tsukai No Yome / The Ancient Magus Bride 
This manga..... is one of the best I have read so far. Special thanks to crunchyroll for recommending this title in my homepage feed, LOL. The anime version recently came out and it is only 1 episode, but it is not the same story as the manga itself, but it's about the pre-quel for the manga. I heard they were planning to launch 3 episode, and each of them are 6 months apart, the next one is due in March 2017. I am happy they did the anime! Else, I wouldn't even know if this wonderful creation exists.
What drew me in was the appearance of the guy right there (Elias), he seems like a creeper right. I was thinking if this was those sadistic kind of story but it's not. The interaction of the characters are very heartwarming, and the drawing is absolutely gorgeous. There's magic, fairy, Queen Titania & King Oberon, creatures of the night, dragons, gods and goddesses which is pretty interesting. I love this kind of set up. It's very refreshing.
If you are into Fullmetal Alchemist, Harry Potter or Legend of Mana (a PS1 game, since it reminded me of it), then you'll definitely would love this. I fully recommended it! And the manga is still ongoing!

Yuri on Ice!

Ah, of course. Who doesn't know about Yuri on Ice!? It was such a hype. Most of my tumblr feed are filled with gif from this anime. But the animation was crazy detailed though, I wonder how much frame did the artists drew and all these poses are highly difficult to draw, I am sure of it. Curious, so I watched. Even though I do not know much about competitive figure skating, it is highly addictive to watch. But it is very yaoi.. Hahahaha. Omgosh. It's good though.

Bungou Stray Dogs
I was asking my brother if there is any good anime to watch recently, because it seems like most of the animes I skimmed through are stupid and ridiculous. Well, most of animes are like that, but if the animation is shitty, then I can't bare to watch it any longer. But anyway, my brother introduced this one to me. I am now watching the 2nd season of the anime. It seems like I am drawn to supernatural anime BUT not all supernatural anime are good. This was good too but just a bit above mediocre level.
Alright, I guess that was that then! 

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