Lieong Kee Bae Good Teh 良記早市肉骨茶 @ Kepong

I think the spelling is a bit.. weird. So, it was kind of hard for me to search for it on google. Leong or Lieong, I'm just following on how they initially spelled on their signboard. It is Lieong Kee Bae Good Teh. But I think most of us would just remember it as Leong Kee Bak Kut Teh. (not the Klang one ya, it's Kepong)

My boyfriend took us to this particular shop because he said it was good. I have high expectation of this since he introduced it to us. There are still other Bak Kut Teh shop near this one btw. Don't know how the other taste like though. For now, I'll just write some review on this one instead.

Dry Meat(?)
I'm not very sure on the names though, because it's all in Chinese. Which I didn't bother to remember. 
I'm just referring to the other reviews that I searched on the internet. 

Sang Guat Bou

Sang Guat Bou with vege.
I'm just fooling with you because this post lacks of photos which I can post. LOL. They gave the vegetable in another bowl, so we had to add it in ourselves. This dish is a must try! 

About the food, they taste very very herb-ish when compared to the other BKT that I usually eat and I really liked it. At first, before they served the main food, they will serve some Yao Cha Guai with a small bowl of soup for you to dunk into with. I finished the soup before we even finished the yao cha guai. Hahaha! We also ordered some Tau Fu Pok, which I don't usually eat, but I ended up eating most of it also. Overall, I think this is very different BKT dish but in a good way. I'm hooked

Lieong Kee Bae Good Teh / Leong Kee Bak Kut Teh
19, Jalan Development, 
Taman Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur. 
Tel: 03-62750102

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