Movie Review : Unbeatable

Get to watch the premiere of Unbeatable thanks to Nuffnang! 

Look at Cheung Kah Fai's new bod. Look at Yuyan's bod.......... *Swoon*. Okay, I shall stahp. I sound like a pervert right now. 

I think the trailer didn't do this movie any justice. When I first saw it (not the version that i embedded below), the trailer just shows random flashes of abs and boxing. It was kinda.... boring actually and didn't make me want to watch it. But I did, and I can say that it is really a good movie that tells a great story about family and perseverance. 

I think our own Malaysia's little actress did a very good job on her role. I was kinda shocked when I knew that CKF's character was an 48 years old man and he is rocking those abs like nobody's business. But most of the time, I honestly thinks he look like an old man cleaning up things. 

I'm not going to say much today as I have a lot of things to do. I've been taking too many rest and am still in my holiday mood.
Aside from the fighting actions, this movie made me laugh like nobody's business. Very enjoyable and didn't let me down. Seriously recommended for everyone.

My rating for Unbeatable 

Pictures are taken from nuffnang blog

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