Happy Chinese New Year 2014!

The time of the year where every Chinese kid and unmarried adults learns to say "Gong Xi Fa Cai" in the happiest way. Red red red red red. HUAT AR! Heck, aging is not a good thing. I wonder why I can't feel as excited as I used to be anymore when it was time for the new year. But still, getting red packets will put a smile on anyone's face. 

But of course, one of the joy of going back to hometown to celebrate this time of the year is that I can hang out with my family, relatives, and oldest/bestest friends. The ones studying and even the ones working can has time off to monkey around. Pun intended. (get it get it?? Cause most of us has monkey for our zodiac sign)
Silliness overload!


And also get to see my god-daughter, Baby Hailey. 

For awhile I got a little sad because she can't seem to remember me since I'm rarely back home to see her. But thank goodness, after awhile I can get along with her just fine. She's such a talkative baby! I've been hearing her saying all sorts of stuff and it's so cute when she tries to enunciate the words we say to her. She can even feed herself but sometimes, it's too funny to watch. Like how her mums tries to feed her lemon instead. Bad mummy! But I was laughing too, so I guess I'm also a little evil. 

Trying to get a healthy lifestyle by jogging in the morning at Speedy. So many people was there to jog, it's a suprise. 

It's been awhile since I get to see them play basketball again. Ah, the old days. 

Selfie tip #1- Your hair can be your best asset, so use them to cover your chubbiness! 

My super cute half brother! And he's a pro in selfie. Hahaha!

It's the last day of the Chinese year, and on the 30th night, we had dinner with my dad's family in a restaurant instead of at home because my grandmother has not been very well. So, it's better to go out and eat rather than cooking at home. Need to clean up and stuffs. 

If you're wondering why I can be sort of manly at times, well, I think this is self-explanatory. 

Coincidentally it was my dad's birthday too on the first day of Chinese New Year, so we waited until the time has passed and we celebrated with everyone in my grandmother's home. Took plenty of family photos since it's been a really long time since we took some together.

First day of New Year! Red red red!

Second day, reunion dinner with relatives from mum's side. Grandma photobombing while smiling but when I want to take a proper picture of us, she refuse to smile and kept a straight face. 

image We so pretty image


Baby Shun Shun came all the way from London! Cuteness overload!

image Third day is spent with my other lovers! image

A visit to Adeline's and Kevin's household. Get to see Baby Ryan again! Aw, he was bullied by Baby Hailey a lot last time and it didn't change even after a year has passed. But he didn't give up on making friends with her despite her kicking and shooing him away. Baby quarrel. Haha!

Baby Hailey throwing a tantrum because she got very sleepy with all the visits. 

On the fifth day, get to see my ex-schoolmates again! With the ex-Convents!

With the Convents and Anthonians.

Even though I had my studies to be done, I didn't pass up the chance to pai nian with them cause it's only a one year once thing. Curse MMU for it's bad timing but it turns out after CNY, I haven't been studying too hard too. But of course, that doesn't mean I did too well in my exams. 

How come I have so less to write about?
Stupid, asking myself questions. But anyway, looking forward to the next Chinese New Year. I guess I'll be graduating around that time too. HOHO...... 

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