18/4/13 The Hungry Hog & Shakespeare Boulangerie & Patisserie

It was time for our weekly dinner outing. And I randomly picked one restaurant on google which has some quite good reviews on it. We were bored with our usual dining places so, The Hungry Hog it is! The thing is, I didn't even read the blogpost, I just clicked it and just looked at the food pictures and decided on it. Haha!

Only 4 of us in for dinner that night. 

Quite huge portion! 

I ordered The Full English (RM21.90), and it WAS very fulling indeed. The sausages are really special! And  the mushroom, they are delicious as well. This actually feels like a breakfast plate to me but instead it was my dinner. Haha. We tried the Porky Chops(RM20.90) too, and it was yummy as well! But we think that it lacks of sauce, not enough aroma but still passable. The price is quite cheap and reasonable. They actually have a website too, they have their menu and pictures as well! Very good reference for those who are planning to go there and have a try! http://www.hog.my/p/menu.html
Highly recommended! 

Next, we craved for desserts. So we went to Shakespeare Boulangerie & Patisserie. This shop is located next to Pappa Rich so it's easy to find it. If you went to Levain before, you can expect the same concept from Shakespeare. They serve many kinds of bread and desserts too, and of course macaroons. I went there for lunch before, and tried some of the spaghetti. It's quite a small portion for the spaghetti meal (but of course, if I remember correctly, it only cost me RM12.90), and tasted just okay. 
I didn't checked the name and the price. But this isn't the thing for me. It's too sweet as well.

Mango Shortcake, RM7.50. Very strong mango taste and very sweet too. This was okay for me. 

But what caught my attention was this Caramel Pavlova, RM7.50. Tried my first pavlova at Serai, and immediately fell in love with it. So, I was wanting to try others and I'm not disappointed at this selection at all. This was really good! Although the crispy part of it was very sweet but the cream wasn't, so they complement each other very well. There is also Fruit Pavlova.
Wanting to try their pizzas and other desserts as well the next time I visit!

And now some group photos! Jonsin joined in for dessert session! 

❤ Polaroid moments!

Till the next time!

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