Iron Man 3: My Way

I'm so excited! This is actually my first time in writing a blog post for a competition.
Well, it's not actually a competition, it's actually a nuffnang premiere screening thingy. And it's for "Iron Man 3" movie this time! Looking forward to this movie!! So without further ado, here goes nothing! 


How would I customize my Iron Man suit to make it extra special? 

Well, ladies and gentleman, I give you.. *drum rolls*

The Manizer!
Going brain-dead soon from thinking a name. Not very original I guess. Haha!
It's been too long since I drew something, so please ignore some of the cacat bits. :S My sketch like senget-senget one. Hahaha.

Well, we all know pretty well that Iron Man is a guy's suit. We've even seen some of the other designs like the Hulkbuster (HulkXIronMan) and the Cap.AmericaXIronMan version in the trailer. Well, as a female, I will feel kinda left out... as in all suits are for guys. So, I designed an Iron Woman suit! 

For the mask, I changed the eyes a bit to something cat-like (Inspired by the Cat-liner make-up look) and the mouth to a curved shaped lips. For the body part, (aha! This is the fun bits) since it's a suit for women, I figured it would be appropriate to give it some sexy curves instead of the original bulky version. In the mean time, improving the agility of the wearer. 

Kitty claws
Inspired by.. girl-fights. We don't punch people in the face, we scratch them instead! :X lol.

Flower Blade
Inspired by.. flowers. As flowers represent femininity. Can act as a shield and also as a weapon. Consist of 3 blades which can be retracted at will. 

Killer Heels
Inspired by.. love for heels. You can't spell sexy without them. Helps the user to fly.

It isn't colored as I was afraid I might ruin the sketch, (I'm pretty bad at coloring so..). Like the original, red and gold are perfect! The color combination is just very classy.

And that concludes my customized Iron Woman suit. 
Thank you very much for checking it out!

What do you think about it? You can tell me by leaving a comment in this blog post. :3

And now you can go on ahead and watch this trailer and anxiously wait for the movie to screen out.  

If you would like to know more about it on nuffnang, click this! 

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  1. Wow, you are very creative & good in drawing ha :D maybe you should take double degree (engineering and arts :)) hehe~

  2. Thank you <3 hehe. Maybe after I make loads of money first. hahaha

  3. very creative!!u sure can win! :D