Liz's and bro's birthday weekend

19th April 2013

Somersby for the first time. It's better than beer but then I still prefer H2O. 
Alcohol is still not my thing, but I'll try. :)

Goofy faces with the birthday girl which is now 21 years old.

And with Dave too. 
It's not much of a party but hey, it was still awesome... Haha


A random selca of me with a nerdy glass. Gawd, I miss mine.

And also discovered a new cendol shop to visit in Teluk Intan thanks to Liz! 
It seems like they have been open for quite a long time, but I only knew about it now. 
Yes, the ice shaver runs only manpower. And it tasted just like old times. Great!

Dinner with ma familie far away in Hutan Melintang for cheap seafood dishes. 
I don't know why their faces is like this when I took this photo. LOL. 

I didn't take any pictures with my phone.. So I took it from my mum's facebook page. 
And this kid is now 17 years old.. So so young. >.<

Okay, now I'm gonna spam my post with Baby Hailey's adorable faces. XD

*Chop Chop*

She kept pushing my head away when I was taking this picture. 
With numerous attempt to snap a good picture, this is the best I can get. She don't like taking pictures with me. T.T 

It's kinda short and brief. I mean everything. But... I kinda forget many of the things and the emotions after so many days have passed since it happened. So... Yeah. Weee~~ Oh, and I didn't check my grammar in this post, so please ignore it if it exist. :D

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