Silver Spoon, Publika

I made a promise to treat this pretty boy right here when we had the chance, because I bragged about how much I earned during my holiday from my part-time job. I thought he was just kidding, but he was dead-on serious. So, I closed my eyes, and randomly chose a fancy place to eat. Thanks to google, I found a place called Silver Spoon in Publika. 
Now, for your information, being the sua-ku that I have always been, I have never heard of Publika, because it's too fancy. I mean average-income people wouldn't dine there unless they have a pretty good reason to celebrate something. In my case, well, we're not celebrating anything. Just wanted to try some new stuffs.

Some selcas before our food was served.
He keep on saying I look very old, and he looked freaking young. -.-" Something about my hair. 
Well, actually I don't know what to do about it, it is just stuck like this for now. Thought about getting a fringe again.. Then I'll look like a kid. Plus the fact that I normally wear specs..  Hmm, hesitating.

The nachos was okay. I only enjoyed the cheese and the mango sauce. Actually the nachos wasn't really that good. They weren't crispy enough.

I forgot the name. But this was okay.

I was pretty disappointed with the mushroom soup. It doesn't taste as strong as I thought it would. Not enough to satisfy my taste buds.  :( 

Curry Laksa with squid ink pasta. Okay, honestly, I didn't know why I ordered this! I just read the squid ink pasta and I was like *I will order this eeeeeee*, so I ordered without thinking the word "curry" or even "laksa". Blur as hell. But it tasted good, I mean.. It's curry.. just with.. spaghetti.. and seafood. They were pretty generous on the seafood.

Medium rare Rib-eye steak (i guess/think?). I rarely have steaks for lunch. Steak and the sauce tasted okay. Mash potatoes was really nice. Bacon and asparagus was bacon and asparagus. Lol. You can't beat that kind of comment. Hahaha.

Bloody bloody.
A friendly advice to all readers, please don't consume plenty raw meat as it isn't hygienic and it is not good for your health. 

The place was filled with ang mohs family members and pretty ladies.

It kinda ticks me off seeing everybody all talking to each other at every other table, but this person in front of me is communicating with his dear phone most of the time. *Sigh* 

I digress. Couldn't help but complain when I see this picture. 
All five dishes cost RM171, for two. Yes, two person finished all five dishes. We were bloating and my stomach was crying because of all the food. Lol.

Overall, Silver Spoon is just 
❤ ❤   out of ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ .
It was just okay for the both of us. 
Will I go again? Hmm, maybe not.

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