Love's birthday celebration

29th March 2013

Dinner on a Friday night at Teeq, Lot 10 to celebrate his birthday with some friends.

The first rooftop dinner for me. :P
The place looks really grand and it oozes ballroom ambiance except they don't have a big space to let you dance around and the chairs were really uncomfortable to sit on. Above all that, it felt really... exquisite? 

Our cocktail and appetizers.
 Dumb dumb me forget to take pictures of our main course steak and a flaming dessert.
:( Oh well, most of it will stay well in my memory.

A special birthday plate for a special person in the room

Loving the polaroid photos  ❤
30th March 2013

After dinner, of course there will be booze. 
We went to Changkat to have our second and third round. 
I thought I was stronger in drinking since I didn't go red after drinking the cocktail, but I was wrong, after 2 glasses of alcohol+coke I KO-ed. Barfed and can't take any more of it. LOL
He on the other hand drank 20+ glasses, crazy arse mf. @.@ 
And this is the end product.

The one who kept making people to drink up had the worst. Karma hits. Haha. 
 Party stops at 5am, lights out and 9am, lights on. 
Sleep escapes the drunk i think. 
But not me.. I was still sleepy as f*ck.

Birthday boy without shoes when we're on our way to breakfast with my mother

In the evening, celebrated again with his family  ❤
and this time, with a cake. Haha!


I'm going into a hiatus again, short trimester is a bit of a rush. It's the end of the fourth week now and I have already went through 2 midterms and one more to go. Two assignments to do, and all of it it's going to end before the seventh week. Which gives me only 3 weeks to finish it all up. Gosh, what a rush. Plus I've been busy with a side project, crafty one. Haw haw haw, my artistic side is triggering again right now. I'm so enjoying it. :) At least it keeps me busy and doesn't give me time to rot around like a zombie. 
Till next time then. 

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