Thum Thum's Birthday!

23rd April 2013

It's Ah Thum's birthday! *Originally I thought it was 25th and wanted to postpone the outing but luckily we didn't LOL!* We went to The Barn Cafe in Setia Walk that night. Frankly, the place is just okay, nothing special. Oh, except for the menu. The restaurant serves western, japanese, nyonya, chinese adn etc. It's kinda a little bit of everything! It's kinda overwhelming though, the menu I mean. 

The three guys

and the three girls.

As usual only, the usual six came out. :( 
But it's okay. Six is quite a big number also. XD

Me and Pwen

Me, Me, Me!

I don't know. lol. 

Free flow of miso soup and fruits that night. It's free!

Cappuccino for the coffee lover. 

Seafood spaghetti

Cheese + Vege + Rice

Dono what...

Lazy type all the names of the food already. It's okay, it doesn't matter. 
Because none of the food was tasty, so don't bother. The first time and the last time I'm going to go there.

Second round at Padi in Setia Walk
The Padi house here is very different from the Cyberjaya branch, it has more of a relaxed and classy deco. Plus they serve more kind of fancy drink and cakes too!

If you noticed, I always use the front camera to capture our photo. Somehow, every time when I asked the guys to snap the picture, it turns out ugly. =.=". I don't know is our face problem or is it just the photographer problem... I would rather think the latter. LOL

Our desserts!

or his Birthday cake! Haha!

Gyiyomi Ah Thum! 
Wished you had a great time and best of luck with your career and your relationship! XP

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